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How many HQ units report directly to HQ?
Which type of command is responsible for providing services such as civil engineering, helth and safety, legal, and finance to all operational units within its area?
Maintenance and Logistics Commands
Rear Admirals head up disricts.
True or False
Vice Admirals lead the Atlantic and Pacific Area? True or False
In this war, cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted two other captures
Quasi War
A CG cutter is credited with firing the first naval shots of this war.
Civil War
First time during a war that the entire CG was transfered to the Navy?
During this war the McCulloch served as both the escort and dispatch with Commodore George Dewey's squadron
Spanish American War
In this war effort, the CG played a marginal role, primarily one of support
Korean War
True or False: the first time the CG augmented the Navy with shallow-draft craft was in WW1.
True or False: The CG was givien responsibility for cold-weather ops in Greenland during WW1?
True or False: The first time ocean going cutters augmented Navy and CG surveillance forces was in Vietnam.
True or False: The CG was soley responsible for cleaning up a missive oil spill during the Gulf War.
True or False: During operation Nobel Eagle in November 2001, the CG was once again under Navy command.
Following WW2, members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and isginia?
CG Auxiliary
Drug smuggling in the 1960's gave what mission increased significance?
Law enforcement
What event was the inpetus for the internatioal ice patrol?
sinking of the Titanic
The fatality rate of this focus has greatly declined as a result of what CG mission?
The refuse act of 1800 was the catalyst for what CG mission?
Enviornmental protection
Members of what part time force perform the same tasks as active duty personnel?
CG reserve
To help rescue immagrants from vessels ravished by winter storms , a federal lifesaving service was initiated in what year?
The only CG manned light station in the U.S today is located where?
Boston Harbor
Today, the CG is under the Department of ____?
Homeland Security
Who is one of the first uniformed women to serve in the CG?
Licille Baker
Women are integrated into active duty and reserves in what year?
Who saved more than 600 lives, earned two gold medals, three silver, plus other awards?
Joshua James
All officer carer fields and enlisted ratings are open to women in what year?
Medal of honor recipient?
Duglas Munro
In what year was installation of First Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard?
Who must meet a qualifing score on the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB exams?
Officer candidate school
Who continues in their civilian employment while serving on military duty?
Selective reserve direct commision program
Must be serving in pay grade E6 or above to apply for appointment as?
Warrant Officer
Must have special training and skills in specific fields?
Direct Commision
Can attend college on a full time basis for up to 2 yrs and recieve full pay and allowances?
Pre commissioning program/PPEP
Compete by competitive examinations for direct appointments
Coast Guard Academy