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What FM covers NBC
FM 3-3, 3-5, 3-7, 3-9, 3-11.4
What FM covers Field Sanitation?
FM 21-10
What FM covers first aid?
FM 4-25.11
What FM covers Physical Fitness Training?
FM 21-20
What FM covers Map Reading and Land Navigation
FM 3-25.26
What FM Covers Drill and Ceremony
FM 3-21.5
What FM Covers Guard Duty?
FM 22-6
What FM Covers Army Leadership?
FM 22-100
What Regulation covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10
What Regulation Covers Saeda?
AR 381-12
What Regulation Covers Weight Control?
AR 600-9
What Regulation covers Army Substance Abuse Programs?
AR 600-85
What Regulation covers Promotion?
AR 600-200
What AR covers Awards and Decorations?
AR 600-8-22
What Covers NCO Professional Development?
DA PAM 600-25
What Regulation covers Equal Opportunity?
AR 600-20
What Regulation covers enlisted promotions?
AR 600-8-19
Name Several type of maps
Topographic map, planimetric map, photomap, terrain model.
Where is the map sheet name found?
Two place: the center of the upper margin and either the right or left side of the lower margin.
Where is the map series name found?
Upper left margin.
Where is the map scall found?
upper left margin after the series or in the lower margin in the center
What are the colors of a map and what do they mean?
Black indicates man made features. Blue identifies water. Green for important vegitation. Brown identifies all releif features and eleevations. (reddish brown)
How do you read a map
Starting in the lower left corner. read right then up
What is a azimuth
is is a direction. angle in degrees or mils from the north.