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Mysterious; obscure; difficult to understand
Enigmatic (adj)
Dissatisfaction and reslessness resulting from boredom or apathy
Ennui (n)
Excessive wickedness; evilness
Enormity (n)
Brief; fleeting, short lived
Ephemeral (adj)
One devoted to sensual pleasure, particularly in food & drink; gourmand, sybarite
Epicure (n)
Appropriate to an epicure's tastes
Loosely connected, not flowing logically, occurring at intervals
Episodic (adj)
Disparaging word or phrase
Epithet (n)
Embodiment; quintessence
Epitome (n)
Composure, self-possession
Equanimity (n)
To use ambiguous language with a decedptive intent
Equivocate (V)
Traveling, itinerant, peripatetic
Errant (adj)
Very learned; scholarly
Erudite (adj)
Profound learning or extnesive knowledge, learned primarily through books
To shun or avoid
Eschew (V)