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earthy (adj)
unrefined, coarse
ebb (v)
recede, lessen
edict (n)
decree; official command
effete (adj)
worn out, exhausted; barren
effigy (n)
effluvium (n)
noxious smell
effusion (n)
pouring forth
effusive (adj)
pouring forth; gushing
egregious (adj)
notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
elegy (n)
poem or song expressing lamentation
ellipsis (n)
omission of words fom a text
embroil (v)
throw into confusion; involve in strife; entangle
emend (v)
to correct, usually a text
emendation (n)
correction of errors; improvement
emetic (n)
substance causing vomiting
emolument (n)
salary; compensation
enclave (n)
territory enclosed within an alien land
encomiastic (adj)
praising, eulogistic
encomium (n)
high praise, eulogy
encroachment (n)
gradual intrusion
endearment (n)
fond word or act
endue (v)
provide with some quality, endow
enjoin (v)
command, order, forbid
enmity (n)
ill will, hatred
ennui (n)
enrapture (v)
please intensely
ensconce (v)
settle comfortably
entomology (n)
study of insects
entreat (v)
plead; ask earnestly
environ (v)
enclose, surround
epaulet (n)
ornament worn on the shoulder
epicure (n)
connoisseur of food and drink
episodic (adj)
loosely connected
equable (adj)
tranquil, steady, uniform
equanimity (n)
calmness of temperament; composure
equinox (n)
period of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and autumn
equivocal (adj)
ambiguous; intentionally misleading
equivocate (v)
lie, mislead; attempt to conceal the truth
errant (adj)
escapade (n)
prank; flightly conduct
ethereal (adj)
light, heavenly, unusually refined
ethos (n)
underlying character of a culture, group, etc
etymology (n)
study of word parts
eugenic (adj)
pertaining to improvement of race
euphony (n)
sweet sound
evince (v)
show clearly
evocative (adj)
tending to call up (emotions, memories)
exceptionable (adj)
exchequer (n)
excise (v)
cut away, cut out
excoriate (v)
scold with biting harshness; strip the skin off
exculpate (v)
clear from blame
execrable (adj)
very bad
execrate (v)
curse; express abhorrence for
exegesis (n)
explanation, especially of biblical passages
exhort (v)
exigency (n)
urgent situation
exiguous (adj)
small, minute
expatiate (v)
talk at length
expiate (v)
make amends for (a sin)
explicate (v)
explain, interpret, clarify
expostulation (n)
protest; remonstrance
expropriate (v)
take possession of
expurgate (v)
clean, remove offensive parts of a book
extemporaneous (adj)
not planned, impromptu
extirpate (v)
root up
extol (v)
praise, glorify
extrapolation (n)
preojection, conjecture
extricate (v)
free, disentangle
extrude (v)
force or push out