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What does Ultrasound do?
-Cannot visualize pharynx
-can visualize oral stage
-can visualize oral tongue function
-biofeedback for oral tongue exercises
What is Videoendoscopy best for?
-anatomy of oral cavity and pharynx
-velopharyngeal closure
-NOT physiology of swallow
-biofeedback for airway, vocal fold closure maneuvers
What information does videofluoroscopy offer?
-bolus transit times
-bolus movement patterns
-amount and cause of aspiration
The lateral view is best for:
-assessing transit times
-speed, efficiency of movement
The posterior-anterior view is best for
-symmetry of oral and pharyngeal structures and function during deglutition
-same for larynx during phonation
Electroglottography tracks what?
Vocal fold movement
Electromyography gives/does:
-timing and amplitude of muscle contractions during swallowing
-biofeedback for laryngeal elevation (shows function of laryngeal elevators)
-biofeedback for effortful swallow
Cervical auscultation -- sounds of swallowing and breathing:
-"click" of eustachian tube"
-"clunk" of UES
-timing of pharyngeal swallow relative to respiratory cycle
-changes in secretion levels before and after swallows
Pharyngeal manometry:
-assesses rapid pressure changes during pharyngeal swallow
-requires concurrent videofluoroscopy to define etiology of pressure changes
-measure intrabolus pressures
-measures pharyngeal contractile wave
If you want to check a child's tongue function during oral prep. and oral swallow stages, which techniques would you use?