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What argument is made by advocates against vaccinations for children?
Not necessary, too many vaccines, causes illness like autism; they should be allowed to get sick
What can happen in communities where children are unvaccinated?
outbreaks which lead to isolation and quarantine; undermines the value of herd immunity; think of the movie Contagion
What are some documented potential side effects from some vaccines?
small % have an allergic rxn; fever, swelling, pain;

some claim brain injury
Did the Scandinavian epidemiological study find a link between MMR vaccine and autism?
No; no links as well as for the Thimerosal (mercury containing) preservative
How has the internet changed the way society approaches medical issues?
Keeps controversial theories alive, no one is listening to the doctors, challenge their doctors; self diagnosing
How does Herd immunity protect vulnerable individuals
it stops a virus from spreading
critical point 50% of population
Does an individual have any responsibility for the health of others with regard to vaccines.
My opinion - Absolutely.