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The man sold me his car
PRETERIT: sold is a completed action, over and done with, finished
The man will call me later
FUTURE: the word 'will'
The man was working last night ...
Imperfect tense or Past Progressive: WAS ING
The man shot his dog
PRETERIT: completed action, shot, done and over with, specific point in time
The man has died
Present Perfect
Have/Has + died
2 words where first is have/has + another participle (verb)
Classes will end soon
future: will
The classes ended at 2:00
PRETERIT: past tense, completed action, specific point, 'ended'
The classes have ended already
Present Perfect: have/has + participle. Any time you have have/has + another verb
My father yelled at me last night
'yelled' - done and over, specific time in past
I threw up 5 times yesterday
PRETERIT: completed action, specific ending point, done and over with ....
I haven't seen him
have/has + participle
She hasn't left yet
Have/has + participle
She is reading right now
CHOICE: present tense or present progressive.
I am, you are, he is + ing
(progressive = ing)
She was reading last night when
CHOICE: imperfect or past progressive (was/were + ing)
(ing = progressive)
She used to study more
'used to' is always imperfect
Do it
Command , an order
She gave it to me already
PRETERIT: completed action, specific point in time
The dog bit her
PRETERIT: completed action, specific point in time
The dog was sick when...
IMPERFECT (back ground information, not an action, no clear ending point)
It was hot when
IMPERFECT (background of a story, no action, no clear ending point)
She was working hard when
Imperfect: background
Past progressive: was/were ing
It is 6:30
present tense (now)
It was 6:30
IMPERFECT: time in past, background of story
She will kill you tonight
Future (will)
She hasn't seen you
has/have + participle
She is happy
present tense (now)
She wanted to be a doctor
IMPERFECT (the verb to want expresses a desire over an extended period of time, like background, not an action, not specific point in time)
She went to paris last year
Preterit: completed action, specific starting and stopping point
She will do it later
future (will)
She has finished the test
present perfect
has/have + participle
It was a cold night ...
IMPERFECT (background to story, no action)
It rained yesterday
PRETERIT: completed action, clear starting/stopping point
It was raining
imperfect (background)
past progressive (was/were + ing)
I used to rain more
imperfect (used to)
They used to study at Gilmour
IMPERFECT (used to)
I knew that you ...
IMPERFECT: knew implies that you knew it for along time, you still know it, not completed action (not preterit)
I forgot my homework today
preterit (completed action, clear point in time)
Have you forgotten anything
present perfect (have /has + participle)
Call me later
I am studying now
Present or present progressive
(progressive = ing)
I don't smoke
present (general present tense)
I will never smoke
Future (will)
Have you ever smoked?
PResent perfect (have/has + participle)
She never used to smoke
imperfect (used to)
The door was open when...
imperfect (background of story, no action)
I closed the door
preterit (completed action, specific point)
She will do it for us
future (will)
Haven't you forgotten something
Present Perfect
have/has + participle
She needs to work more
present tense (general present time)
She didn't do it
(completed action, specific point)
The wind was blowing terribly...
imperfect (background to story)
past progressive (ing = progressive)
The dog is barking like crazy
choice; present or
present progressive (progressive - ing)
She sat down and ate her dinner
2 preterits
(completed actions, done, specific points)
She used to love me
(used to)
She was waiting for him ..
imperfect (background)
past progressive (progressive = ing)
She fixed her car and left
completed action, specific point in time
She hasn't fixed it yet
present perfect
has/have + participle
Has she called you yet
present perfect
has/have + participle
I haven't finished it yet
present perfect
has/have + participle
I did it already
completed action, done
Do you know her
present tense (general present tense)
When did you meet her?
preterit: specific point, completed action
Did you know my sister
imperfect: the sentence implies that you knew her for a long period of time (not a specific point or completed action)
What were you saying
choice: imperfect (background) or past progressive (progressive -ing)
What did you say
completed action, specific point in time
They weren't home when ...
imperfect: background of story before an action occurs
She sold it to me yesterday
preterit; completed action, specific point in past
He is cooking for you
choice: present or present progressive (progressive = ing)
He was cooking dinner when ...
choice: imperfect (background of story) or past progressive (ing)
Has he cooked for you yet
present perfect: has/have + participle
will you do it for me
future (will)
** New choice **
I had sold
PAST perfect (any form of had + participle)
**New Choice **
I will have given my car ...
FUture perfect (any form of will have + participle)
**New Choice**
I will be working
Future progressive (any form of will be + ing)
**New Choice**
To be or not to be