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Of the four types of fraternities which is DSP?
professional fraternity
Of which national inter-fraternal association is DSP?
professional fraternity association
the purpose:
delta sigma pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.
Give the date and place of founding
November 7, 1907 at School of Commerce of New York University, New York, New York
Harold Valentine Jacobs
Alfred Maysello
Henry Albert Tienkmen
Alexander Frank Makay
What is Delta Sigma Pi's Central offfice, how are they different from the national board of directors?
The central office is the national administrative headquarters of Delta Sigma Pi for both the fraternity and the leadership Foundation. The Executive director is in charge of the Central Office and has a paid full time staff of directors and administrative personnel. The Board of Directors is a group of elected, unpaid volunteers who serve as the executive, legislative, and judicial body of the fraternity during the interim sessions of Grand Chapter Congress. The Executive Director reports to the board of directors.
Who established the Central Office and served as head for 31 years?
H.G "Gig" Wright
In what city was the Central Office established? where is it located now?
330 South Campus Ave, Oxford, Ohio 45056
Name the Fraternity's supreme governing body and where do they meet next?
the Grand Chapter, meeting next August 10-14 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky
Name the current Grand President
Mike Chiachiarri
Name the current Past Grand President
Mitch Simmons
Vice President Organizational Development
Paul Brodie
Vice President Finance
Joe Ward
National Collegians of the year (2009,2010)
Ashley Henry
Burton Bridges
Who are the Provincial Vice President:
Regional Vice President:
Provincial: Lisa Brown
Regional: Sheri Gabor
What are the names of your province and region?
Western Province, Rocky Mountain Region
Name the active collegiate chapters/alumni chapters:
Alpha Nu-DU
Alpha Rho- CSU
Mu Rho-CU
Nu Phi- UNC

Denver Alumni Chapter
Colorado Springs Alumni Chapter
Who appoints the District Director? Who is our District Director?
The Regional Vice President, Our District Director is Sheri Gabor
Name the Chapter Adviser, and how they are selected
Randy Williams- must be a fuculty initiate of the fraternity, or a member of the schools faculty or administration and elected by a majority vote of the chapter and reported to the Central Office.
Name atleast 6 sevices provided and/or publications produced by the Fraternity's Central Staff
Keep all Fraternity membership records
Maintains Mailing List
issues Certificates and cards of membership
Purchases and distributes chapter supplies and jewelry
Edits and publishes the DELTASIG and all manuals and forms
Serves as custodian of all Fraternity funds and archives
What is the Chapter Management Program?
The CMP is a web-based program that is the formal mode of communication between collegiate chapters and the national Fraternity.
What are the three levels a chapter can achieve?
Accredited Chapter, Chapter of Recognition and Chapter of Excellence
What level is every chapter expected to achieve?
Accredited Chapter
Whom is the DSP Scholarship key awarded to?
Awarded to the graduating senior in the commerce and business administration who ranks highest in his or her class
What is the LEAD program and why should you participate?
Leadership and LExcellence Academics for Delta Sigs; includes provincial, regional, and area conferences, training and Leadershape, should join to support DSP and to gain experience
What is the National Fraternities Website Address?