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What is the official coding system in use in the U.S.A.?
International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification. ICD-9-CM
What do Subtypes define?
Exclusive and jointly exhaustive phenomenological subgroupings within a diagnosis and are indicated by the instructions Specify Type in the criteria set.
Specifiers provide what information?
an opportunity to define a more homogeneous subgrouping of individuals with the disorder who share certain features.
When is a DSM-IV diagnosis usually applied to the individual?
At current presentation.
What specifiers are used when the full criteria for the disorder are currently met?
Mild Moderate Severe
Name the specifier used when no more than minor impairment results and few symptoms of those required are present.
Name the specifier used when symptoms or functional impairment between mild and severe are present.
Name the specifier used when many symptoms are present in excess of those required.
When full criteria for the disorder were previously met, but currently only some of the symptoms or signs of the disorder remain, use ....specifier.
In Partial Remission
When there are no longer any symptoms or signs of the disorder, but the disorder is still clinically relevant, use the specifier.......
In Full Remission