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When is it an Adjustment disorder?
1. When the person has a depressed and/or anxious mood combination or a disturbance of conduct that does not meet criteria for another Axis I or II disorder.
List coding notes for Adjustment Disorder
-with depressed mood, -with anxiety, -with mixed mood, -with disturbance of conduct, -with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct, -unspecified: i.e.job problems, physical complaints, social withdrawal
List specifications to note with Adjustment Disorder
Specify whether Acute (less than six months), chronic (six months or more with specific stressor on Axis IV)
Which three disorders are seldom processed as primary disorders?
Conduct disorders, personality disorders, ADHD
What is a good assessment for a suspected personality disorder?
What three markers indicate a personality disorder?
Pervasiveness, Pattern (consistent themes, like an anti-social taking advantage of others w/o conscience, Intensity
Two steps are involved when qualifying a personality disorder. Name them.
Identification of maladaptive or abnormal behaviors. Your clinical judgement as to whether there's a pattern of behavior that constitutes a recognized syndrome.
Name the personality disorders by cluster.
Cluster A: These people can be described as withdrawn, cold, suspicious, or irrational
Define Paranoid personality disorder
general avoidance of intimacy, lack warm feelings, cold, may appear hostile, become caustic and want you to back off. Stubborn and uncompromising.
Define Antisocial personality disorder
Total disregard for others, lacks remorse, history of CD before age 15. ODD last nine symptoms are usually precursors to CD which leads to Anti-social personality disorder
Define Schizotypal personality disorder
No close friends, anxious, present as being eccentric or bizarre in most social situations. Seemingly peculiar in the way they look, think, or talk
Define Borderline personality disorder
Chronic feelings of emptiness, intense anger and dysphoria. They have transient psychotic episodes. Excessive emotional demands in close relationship.
Define Avoidant personality disorder
Want relationship but fear criticism or rejection
Define Schizoid personality disorder
Not overly psychotic. Not as peculiar with thought broadcasters or thought inserters, but have restricted range of emotions and want no close friends.
Define Histrionic personality disorder
Frequently sexually seductive, dresses dramatically to gain attention. Grew up as cute little one as child.
Define Dependent personality disorder
Fear abandonment but w/o intensity and rage of borderline. Pleasers and fixers easy to read but can't tell why. Seek another relationship when one ends.
Define Narcissistic personality disorder.
Self esteem is fragile. Any criticism can provoke rage or depression. Differ from anti-social, borderline, histrionic in that they lead more stable lives.
Define Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
Rigid and seek control in response to anxiety. They are stubborn in work ethics and values.
T or F. As a general rule, when clients are under 18 you can put diagnosis deferred on Axis II when you suspect a personality disorder.
T or F. If children present with learning disorders before they are tested, you can give a provisional learning diagnosis until confirmed by testing.
How does a clinician diagnose a person with pronography problems?
Look for Paraphilias or the Sexual disorder related to what it is about the porn that the client is addicted to. Otherwise, they will be coded Sexual Disorder NOS
T or F. Adjustment disorder has been modified to include chronic stressors of duration like HIV disorder..
Describe the personality disorder: Lying, no insight, withhold information, wait for the right question to be asked rather than volunteering the truth.
List the four categories of Sleep Disorders.
Disorders of the initiating and maintaining sleep: DIMS, Disorders of excessive somulence: DOES, Disorder of sleep-wake schedule, Dysfunctions associated with sleep, sleep stages, and partial arousal
What are the two large sleep disorder categories in the DSM?
1. Dysomnias: disturbance in amount, quality, or timing of sleep. 2. Parasomnias: abnormal events during sleep (behavioral or psychological)
Explain Primary Insomnia.
Person has difficulty falling or staying asleep if no other mental disorder, substance abuse, or general medical condition better explains it.
Describe Primary Hypersomnia...Narcolepsy.
Excessive sleeping or daytime sleepiness (if primary attacks of daytime sleepiness are associated with cataplexy or hypnogogic hallucinations or sleep paralysis.
Describe Breathing-related disorder.
Loud snoring or periods of apnea (people have problems with airway and need to wake up to breathe)
Describe Circadian Rhythm sleep disorder
Person's main complain is sleep disruption due to an altered sleep-wake cycle.
Describe Nightmare disorder.
Person's main complaint nightmares. Repeated awakening are a threat to physical or mental well-being. Similar to PTSD effects and occurs during REM (eyes flutter) sleep.
Describe Sleep Terror
Person complains about sleep behavior of another person. Wake up sweating with rapid heartbeat or screaming after husband belts wife during dream. Sleepwalking disorder here also.
Describe Intermittent Explosive disorder (Impulse Control Disorders).
Rule out all other causes of violence first like anti-social, borderline, ADHD, conduct disorder. Person will have had several episodes of sudden, serious, violent behavior, grossly out of proportion to any precipitating event.
Describe Kleptomania (Impulse Control Disorders).
Repeatedly stealing objects. Rule out antisocial and borderline. Person tries to resist impulse to steal, but once they do, there is pleasure or relief. These objects are not needed for personal use or monitory value
Describe Pyromania (Impulse Control Disorders).
Fascinated with fire, its colors, heat, etc. Rule out vengeance, profit (insurance), PTSD
Describe Pathological Gambling (Impulse Control Disorders).
Love the rush of winning, self-esteem is tied into the win. But, they need constant wins to feel good. Significan negative effects of financial, social, occupational, or personal. These people are never satisfied.
Describe Tricotellomania (Impulse Control Disorders).
Persistent hair pulling resulting in noticeable loss. The key is that a person gets a sense of pleasure or relief. If not, then you diagnose OCD.
Define Bulimia.
Binging on food, not purging
Define Hyposexual
Low sex drive. It must cause life impairment for diagnosis.