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What are the four types of e-commerce models? Give examples.
B2C- amazon, costco
C2C- eBay
What is electric commerce?
commerce accelerated and enhanced by IT, in particular the Internet
What is the most profitable E-commerce model?
what is mass customization?
the ability of an org. to give its customers the opportunity to tailor its products or services
What is MRO?
Maintenance, repair, and operations (indirect materials).
materials necessary for running a company but do not relate to the company's primary business activities.
What is a direct material?
materials that are used in production in a manufacturing company or are placed on the shelf for sale in retail environments
What is demand aggregation?
combining purchase requests from multiple buyers which justifies a larger discount
What is a reverse auction?
process in which a buyer posts its interests in buying items and sellers compete by submitting successively lower bids
What is electronic marketplace?
interactive business providing a central market where multiple buyers and sellers can engage in e-commerce
horizontal marketplace
connects buyers and sellers across many industries; primarily for MRO materials
vertical marketplace
connects buyers and sellers in a given industry; primarily for direct materials
marketing mix
set of marketing tools your org will use to pursure its marketing objectives in reaching and attracting potential customers
viral marketing
encourages users of a product or service supplied by a B2C e-commerce business to encourage friends to join as well. Ex/ Blue Mtn. Art
affliate programs
an arrangement made between two e-commerce sites that directs viewers from one site to the other
electronic bill presentment and payment
system that sends bills over the internet and provides an easy-to-use mechanism (perhaps a button) to pay for them if the amount looks correct
public key encryption
uses two keys: a public key for everyone and private key for only the recipient of the encrypted information
secure sockets layer creates a secure connection between a Web client and server, encrypts the info, sends the info over the Internet
electronic government
use of digital technologies to transform gov't operations in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and service delivery
refers to the electronic commerce activities performed within a single nation's gov't
e-commerce performed between a gov't and businesses. Purchasing direct and MRO materials, soliciting bids for work, licensing applications, meeting regulations
e-commerce performed between a gov't and its citizens or consumers. paying taxes, registering vehicles, providing info and servies, student loans
e-commerce performed between two or more nations' gov'ts. providing foreign aid, export and import transportation
What does SDLC stand for? what is SDLC?
Systems development life cycle-- a structured step-by-step approach for developing information systems
what is the first stage of SDLC?
what activities are done during the planning stage?
define the system to be developed, set the project scope, develop the project plan
what activites are done during the analysis stage?
gather business requirements
what are the seven stages of SDLC
planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance
what act. are done during the design stage?
design the technical architecture and build databases and programs
what act are done during the development stage?
build technical architecture and build databases and programs
what act are done during the testing stage?
write test conditions and perform testing
what act are done during the implementation stage?
write user documentation and provide training
what act are done during the maintenance stage?
build a help desk and support system changes
what is critical success factor?
a factor critical to your org's success, which allows the business to strategically decide which systems to build
project scope?
clearly defines the high-level system requirements
scope creep?
occurs when the scope of the project increase beyond its original intentions
feature creep?
occurs when developers add extra features that were not part of the initial requirements
project scope document
written definition of the project scope and is usually no longer than a paragraph
what are business requirements?
the detailed set of users requests that the system must meet in order to be successful
Joint application development (JAD)
users and IT specialists meet, sometimes for several days, to define or review the business requirements for the system
technical architecture
defines the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment required to run the system
graphical user interface- the interface to an info system
unit testing
tests individual units of code
system testing
verifies that the units of code function correctly when integrated
integration testing
verifies that separate systems work together
user acceptance testing- determines if the system satisfies the business requirements
parallel implementation
use both the old and new system simultaneously
plunge implemenation
discard the old system completely and use the new
pilot implementation
start with small groups of people on the new system and gradually add more users
phased implementation
implemement the new system in phases
waterfall methodology
a sequential, activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is performed sequentially from planning through implementation
rapid application development- emphasizes extensive user involvement in the rapid and evolutionary construction of working prototypes of a system to accelerate the systems development process
agile methodology
aims for customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of useful software components
proof of prototype
used to prove the technical feasibility of a proposed system
selling prototype
used to convince people of the worth of a proposed system
what is the prototype process?
identify basic requirements
develop initial prototype
user review
revise and enhance the prototype
end-user development
is the collection of techniques and methodologies for the creation of non-trivial software applications by end users
removal of an org from a distribution channel
reintroduce the intermediary between the end user and producer
value gap
new channel offer less aggregated value less than old channel
two major areas of tech. uses in businesses?
back-office appliation and marketing application