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Superior quality can
enhance the reputation of the firm, increase its market share, increase the loyalty of the customers, reduce the risk of liability claims, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
Quality is defined as
the ability of a product or service to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.
Operational definitions of quality for products generally refer to
performance, special features, conformance to expectations, reliability, durability, service after delivery, aesthetics, safety, and perceived quality.
Operational definitions of quality for services generally refer to
tangibles, convenience, reliability, responsiveness, time, assurance, and courtesy.
The consequences of poor quality relate to
loss of business, deterioration of the firm’s reputation, product liability and higher costs and expenses.
Costs can be categorized as
failure costs, appraisal costs, and prevention costs
Has the ultimate responsibility for quality
top management
has the responsibility to ensure the features of a product of service or preocesses that will be required to produce the products and services
has the responsibility for obtaining goods and services that ill not detract fro mthe quality of the organizations goods and services
has the responsibility to ensure that processes yeild products and services that conform to design specifications
has the responsibility for gathering and analyzing data on problems and working with operations to solve problems
quality assurance
responsibility for ensuring that goods are not damaged in gransit, packages are labeled and instrucitons are included
packaging and shipping
has the responsibility for determining customer needs and communicating them to the appropriate areas of organization
marketing and sales
has the responsibility to ocmmunicate that infomration to appropriate departments, deal in a reasonable manner with customers, work to resolve problems and follow up to confirm that the situation has been effectively remidied
customer service
Costs of quality can be classified into three categories