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Initial sensitivity
effect of drug on first timers
Dispositional tolerance
increase in the rate of metabolizing a drug as a result of its regular use
Functional tolerance
decreased behavioral effects of a drug as a result of its regular use
Acute tolerance
a type of functional tolerance that occurs within a course of action of a single drug dose
Protracted tolerance
occurs over the course of 2 or more drug administrations
Behavioral tolerance
adjustment of behavior using a drug to compensate for its intoxicating effects
drugs never taken that results from protracted tolerance to another drug
severe mental disorder symptoms include disorganized thinking and bizarre behavior
contrary to what is expected drug effect
Reverse tolerance
increased sensitivity to a drug with repeated use of it
consequence of a behavior that increases its future likelihood
suppresses or decreases its future likelihood
Self administration study
testing whether research participants will give themselves a drug
Drug discrimination
concerns the differentiation of drug effects
Conflict paradigm
effects on a behavior of a drug that has a history of both reinforcement & punishment
applicable of a research finding from one setting or group or research participants to others
Causal relationship
variables in which changes in a second variable are due directly to changes in a first variable
Control group
do not receive the experimental or manipulation in an experiment
Placebo control
same make up no actual drug
Generic name
name given to a drug which is shorter