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Loop Diuretic

M.O.A inhibits electrolyte absorption/secretes soduim, potasium, chloride

Indic: CHF, Pulmunary edema, hypertensive crisis.

C/I: Hypovolemia, anuria, hypotension, hepatic coma

A/R: may exacerbate hypovolemia, hypokalemia, ecg changes, hypeglycemia

doses: adult 0.5-1 mg/kg slow iv. pedi 1 mg/kg iv/io
antianginal, beta blocker, anti hypertensive agent.

MOA: inhibits beta 1 adrenergic receptors

indic: hypertension, angina pectoris, prvention of MI, atrial fibrillation

C/I: allergic, sinus bradycardia, cardiogenic shock, 1st degree heart block, 2/3 term preg.

A/R: brochospasms, bradycardia, edema, chf

Dose- M/I 5 mg every 5 min up to 3 times i/v i/o
hypertensive 1.25- 5 mg every 6-12 hrs i/v i/o

class c
calcium channel blocker

MOA blocks calcium ions, prevents coronary spasm, vasodilator, reduces mi o2 demand

ind: control of rapid vent. rates due to atrial flutter, afib, psvt. Angina

Contr: hypotension, cardio shock, wide complex tachy, 2nd or 3rd av block

A/R: bradycardia, chf, syncope, v-fib, v-tach

Dose: adult .25 mg/kg over 2 min. may increase to .35mg/kg if no response. maitenance infusion 5-15 mg/hr. bolus i/v

no pedi

class c

moa: sedative, memory impairment

ind: sedation, anxiolytic prior to tubing.

contr: glaucoma, shock, coma, intox. overdose, depreseed vital signs.

a/r: cough, nausea, vomiting, hypotension, blurred vision

dose: 0.5-2.5 slow i/v max 0.1mg/kg

no pedi

class d

moa: anticonvulsant, sedative

ind: initil control of status epilepticus, severe anxiety, sedation

cont: coma, shock, drug abuse, glaucoma

a/r: respiratory depresion, delirium, hypotension, bradycardia

dose: 2-4mg slow i/v i/o for max 8mg. sedation .05/kg up to 4mg i/m. dilute with eq. sterile water
pedi .05-.2 mg/kg slow i/v max dose .2 mg/kg

class d

moa: blocks serotonin, selective 5-htreceptor antagonist

ind: nausea/vomiting

contr: allergic

a/r: headache, drowsiness

dose: 4mg iv
pedi under 30kg 1mg iv
over 30kg 2mg iv

class b

moa:induces amnesia and sedation, potentates effects of inhibitory neurotransmitters

ind: acute anxiety, dt's, seizure activity,analgesia

contr: coma, shock, allergic, head injury

a/r: respiratory depression, hypotension, nausea

dose: 5-10mgs i/v q 10-15 min. Max 30mgs

pedi. seizure .2-.5mg slowly q 2-5 min up to 5mg. rectal .5mg/kg Sedation 5-15 mg i/v

class d
Sodium Bicarbonate

moa: buffer for metabolic acidosis

ind: circulation after long arrest, hyperkalemia, tca o.d., phenobabital od,

contra: meta/repiratory alkalosis, hypocalcemia, hypokalemia, hypocloremia.

a/r: increase of tissue acidosis, electrolyte imbalance

dose: 1mEq/kg iv, may repeat .5mEq/kg every 5min
Pedi: same as adult

Class C

moa: smooth muscle relaxer, arterial and vein dilator, reduces workload of heart

ind:MI, angina

contr:hypotension,hypovolemia, intracranial bleeding

a/r: hypotension, syncope, flushing

dose: apply 1/2"-3/4" and secure with plastic and tape
Pedi: not recomended
class c

moa:smooth muscle relaxer, arterial and vein dilator, reduces workload of heart

ind: angina pectoris, hypertension, chf

contr:hypotension, hypovolemia, intracranail bleeding

a/r: hypotension, syncope, flushing

dose:.3-.4 s/l may repeat 3-5 min to 3 doses. Spray .4 mg spray x 2. i/v 10-20 ug/min, increase by 5-10 ug until desired effect
pedi not recomended

class c
Calcium Chloride

moa: increase cardiac contractile state, positive ionotropic

ind: hypocalcemia, mag sulfate o.d., hyperkalemia

contr: hypercalcemia, VF during cardiac resuscitation, digitalis toxicity

a/r:bradycardia, hypotension, nausea, perpheral vasodilation

dose: 2 mg-4mg/kg of 10% sol. slow i/v 5 min. may repeat every 10 min.
Pedi.20 mg/kg slow i/v, max 1g

class c

moa:non competitive alpha and beta sympathetic beta blocking

ind: suppresion of v/f. suppresion to ventr. tachy.

contr: 2nd/3rd dg heart block, hypotension, bradycardia

a/r: hypotension, bradycardia, pea, chf, nausea

dose:300mg slow i/v in 10 ml n/s.may repeat 1 time w/150mg. Pedi 5mg/kg, can repeat 5mg/kg for max of 15mg

Class d
Atropine sulfate

moa;inhibits action of acetycholine at parasympathetic site

ind; bradycardia, asystole, bronchospasms

contr; tachy, allergic

a/r tachy, headache, nausea, dizzines

dose; 0.5-1 mg every 3-5 min max 3mgi/v i/o
pedi .02mg/kg iv/io max .5mg

class c
Platelet inhibitor/anti inflam

moa;prostaglandin inhib

ind;chest pain/mi

contr;allergic, gi bleed

a/r gi bleed, nausea

dose 160/325

class d
Mag Sulfate

moa; blocks striated musle contractions, reduces acetylcholine release

ind; seizures of eclampsia, tca od, hypomagnesmia

contr; heart blocks, renal disease

a/r respiratory/cns depression, hypotension, cardiac arrest, asystole.

dose 1-4gm iv/io over 10 min max dose of 30-40.
pedi. 25-50 mg/kg iv/io max 2g

class a

moa;decreases automaticity by slowing rate of ph. 4 depolarization

ind; suppresion of v-tach, vf, pvc's

contr; 2nd/3rd degree blockage, hypotension

a/r; seizures, altered mental status, brady

dose; C/A vt/vf 1.5mg/kg iv repeat q 3-5 min max dose of 3 mg/kg q 3-5min max 3mg
vt w/pulse 1-1.5mg/kg. then 0.5-.75mg/kg max 3mg
pvcs w/pulse 0.5-1.5 mg/kg, repeat 0.5-1.5 mg/kg max 3 mg
vf prophylaxis 0.5mg/kg every 8-10 max 2mg
pedi vt 1mg/kg iv/io

class b

moa; direct alpha/beta agonist, vasoconstriction, bronchodilation, positive ionotropic/chronotropic

ind; c/a, asystole, pea, vf, bronchospasm, anaphylaxis

contr; allergic, hypothermia, pulm. edema, hypovolemic

a/r; hypertension, pulm edema, anxiety, angina,

dose; analphylaxis .3-.5mg of 1:1000 C/A 1mg i/v of 1:10000 every 3-5
Pedi analphylaxis .01mg/kg to max .5mg of 1:1000 C/A.01mg/kg of 1:10000
Sympathomimetic inotropic

moa; increases mi contractility and stroke vol.

ind; cardiogenic, septic, spinal, distributive shock, hypotension

contr;hypovolemic shock, VF

a/r; cardiac dysrythmias, hypertensions, increased mi o2 demand

dose; 2-20 mcg/kg/min
pedi 2-20 mcg/kg/min

class c
opoid analgesic

moa; suppreses fear and pain in cns

ind; analgesic for moderate to severe pain, severe chf, pulmanary edema, chest pain w/mi

contr; head injury, copd, hypotension, asthma, hypovolemia, maoi's, undiagnosed ab pain

a/r;respiratory depression, hypotension, decreased level of consciousness, brady, tachy, syncope, bronchospasm

dose 1-3mg i/v, i/m, s/c every 3-5 min max 10 mg
pedi. 0.1-0.2mg/kg mx 5mg i/v

class c
Narcotic analgesic

moa; analgesic

ind; short term pain killer, premed for longer acting analgesic

contr; allergic

dose; 1mcg/kg to max 150mcg slow i/v push

no pedi

class c
Narcotic antagonist

moa; competive inhibition of narcotic receptor site

ind; opiate od, coma of unknown origin

contr; use with narcotic dependant patients

a/r; withdrawl, tachy, hypertension, dysrythmias

dose .4-2mg iv/im/sc. Nasal atomizer 2 mg
pedi .1mg/kg iv/im/sc max .8
Carbohydrate hypotonic solution

moa; rapid increase of serum levels

ind;hypoglycemia, alt men stat, coma of unknown, seizure of unknown

contr; intracranial bleed, dts, ineffective w/o thiamine

a/r; pain and burning at site

dose;12.5-25gm slow iv
pedi.5-1gm/kg slow iv
Hyperglycemic agent, insulin antagonist

moa; increase blood glucose

ind; alt. ment. status due to hypoglycemia

contr;hyperglycemia, allergic

dose;.5mg-1mg im/slow iv/sc repeat q 20 min
pedi .03-.1mg/kg not to exceed 1mg

class c
Vitamin B1

moa; combines with ATP to facilitate carbohydrate metabolism

ind; coma of unknown org, dts

contr; none

a/r; hypotension, anxiety, diaphoretic

dose; 100mg slow iv/im
pedi 10-25 slow iv/im
Sympathomimetic, bronchodilator

moa;b-2 agonist which desults in bronchodilation and smooth muscle relaxant

ind; treatment of bronchospasms,copd/asthma

contr;allergic, tachy dysrhythmias

a/r; tremors, dizzy, hyperglycemia, increased bp

dose; 2.5mg. dilute w/.5 ml of .5% solution w/ 2.5 ml ns. MDI 1-2 puffs
pedi. .01-.03ml. .05-.15mg/kg/dose diluted in 2ml of .9% ns

class c
Ipratropium Bromide/Atrovent

moa; blocks action of acetycholine at parasympathetic site causing bronchodilation

ind; bronchospasms, copd, emphysema


a/r;dizzty, headache, hypotension

dose; 2-3 mdi puffs max 12 puffs daily. 500 mcg NEB q 6-8 hrs
pedi 1-2 mdi puffs max 8 puffs daily, 250 mcg NEB q 6-8 hrs

class b


moa; blocks histamine receptors, decreases vasodilation

ind; allergy relief, anaphylaxis

contr; asthma, glaucoma, pregnancy, hypertension, infants, moai's

a/r;sedation, hypotension,seizures, dysrythmias

dose:25-50mg iv/im/po
pedi;1-2mg/kg iv/io/po

class b
Endogenous Nucleotide

moa;slows conductiome through a/v node, slows h/r,

ind; conversion of psvt to sinus rhythm

contr; 2nd/3rd degree block, afib, vtach, allergic

a/r; shortness of breath, chest pain, headache, hypotension, diaphoretic

dose; 6mg over 1-3 sec, no response 12mg over 1-3 seconds iv
pedi.1-.2mg/kgrapid iv. max single dose 12mg iv

class c