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protects drivers from being thrown from car driving a sudden stop or collison
seat belts
paded devise or basics of front seat used to reduce head injuries
head restraint
heater cools or warms inside of car
air conditioner,heater,defroster
optional device which sets the cars speed for highway driving
cruise control
controls directions of front wheel
steering wheel
controls speed of car
accelerator or gas pedal
used to slow or stop car
foot brake pedal
used to keep the car from rolling on the cars back wheels
parking brake
select the gear you want
shift indicator
starts the engine
ignition switch
shows how fast the car is going
shows the total number of miles the car has beenn driving
warns that electrictory is being drained from the battery
alternator light-ammeter
warns if the coolet in the engine is to hot
temperature gauge
warns when engine oil is not circulating at right pressure
oil pressure guage
shows the amount of fuel in gastank
fuel gauge
goes on when you put the high beams on
high beam indicator light
use for nighttime and bad weather driving
head lights
shows rear of car through rear window
inside rear view window
shows view of road to left and rear of car
outside rear view window
clears windshield
helps to cut glare
identifies parked vehicles
parking lights
noise maker located on sterring wheel
on left side of sterring wheel indicates which way you turn
turn singnal lever
warns others that u are in distress
emergency flasher control
back lights/brake lights/tail lights
tail-light assembly-brake light
keeps the wheel from locking
Anti-lock braking system