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what does a triangular shaped sign with flat points indicate
slow moving vehicle
if there are two lanes going in the same direction what does it mean
pass only in your direction
when approaching a stop sign, within how many feel must a vehicle completely stop
5 feet
a flashing red traffic light indicates
stop and proceed when it is safe to do so
cars parking near a crosswalk must park no closer than ___ feet to the crosswalk
a single, thick, line across a lane of traffic is called a
stop line
cars parking near a stop sign must park no closer than ___ feet to the sign
what sign has eight sides
What was also invented by the same inventor
the gas inhalator (early gas mask)
stop sign means
come to a full stop
railroad crossing means
located where railroads cross the roadway
underage drinking may cause a six-month delay in getting a license at age 17
what sign has five sides
school crossing
persons under the age 21 who consume alcohol and drive when their BAC is below the state threshold are subject to

if the BAC exceeds the legal threshold, regular DWI penalties will be enforced
a solid yellow line to your left on the road means you are in or at
a no-passing zone
when their are two lines in the center of the road and one (on your side) is dotted and the other is solid what does it mean
only oncoming cars can pass
yellow x means
steady yellow safely vacate lane-will be controlled soon by a red x
what was the amount General Electric paid for the rights to the automatic traffic signal
green arrow means
permitted to drive in a lane under green arrow
yield sign means
wait until roadway clear of traffic before proceeding
garrett A morgan invented what
the automatic traffic signal
white lines parallel to the roadway
separate traffic going in the same direction
what year was the automatic traffic signal invented
most poeple arrested for drinking/driving have been drinking beer
do not enter signs mean
used for one way streets
speed limit sign means
maximum speed allowed
persons under 21 who consume alcohol and drive when their BAC is below the state threshold are subject to

a combination of the minimum sentences below
a)30-90 day license suspension if currently licensed
b)community service for 15-30 days
c)participation in an intoxicated driver resource center or other alcohol education and highway safety program
and the driving under the influence sentences established for those who are over 21
drugs other than alcohol are estimated to contribute to 10-14% of motor vehicle related fatalities
flashing yellow x
lane is to be used, with caution, for left-turn movements only
yellow lines separate traffic going
in opposite directions
red x means
never drive in a lane under a red x signal
when there are two solid lines parallel in the middle of the road what does it mean
no passing in either direction
a triangular sign idicates
one way sign means
traffic can only go one way on a street
a red arrow on a traffic light indicates
traffic not allowed in direction of arrow
two parallel lines across the roadway at an intersection indicate
diamon shaped signs fall under which category of signs
on divided highways, a single, solid yellow line
marks the left edge of the roadway