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adios mother
basic four, curacao, sour.
coffee liquer, irish cream, orange liquer
bay breeze
vodka, cran and pineapple
cream, creame de cacao, vodka, whipped
fuzzy navel
vodka, peach shnappes, orange juice
gummy bear
soco, amaretto, melon liquer, grenadine, orange and pinapple
irish car bomb
whiskey, cream, dropped guiness
liquid cocaine
151, jager, peppermint shnapps
long island
four, triple sec, sour, coke
melon ball
vodka, melon liquer, orange
read head slut
jager, peach shnapps, cran
sex on beach
vodka, peach shnapps, cran and orange
surfer on acid
jager,coconut, pineaple
white russian
vodka, coffee liquer, milk