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What is meant by drill?
Movemont by which a unit is moved in an orderly manner from one formation or place, to another. Movements are executed in unison with precision.`
What is meant by ceremony?
Formation and movement in which a number of troops execute movements as in drill. However, their primary value is to render honors, preserve tradition, and stimulate esprit de corps.
What are the two types of formations?
Line and column.
What is cadence?
Uniform rhythm in which a movement is executed, or the number of steps or counts per minute at which the movement is executed.
How many counts are there in quick-time? Double time?
Quick-time: 120 counts/minute
Double-time: 180 counts/minute
Most drill commands have two parts, what are they?
(1) Preparatory command
(2) Command of execution
If a preparatory command is given incorrectly, or is not appropriate, what command would you give to revoke it?
"As you were"
What is a supplementary command?
An order given by a subordinate leader that reinforces and compliments a commander's order.
What is the only command you can give from "Inspection Arms"
"Ready, port, arms"
What command is given to turn a marching unit 180 degrees?
"Rear, march"
When armed, what position do you fall in at?
At order arms
All marching movements are executed while marching at attention except two. What are they?
(1) Route step, march
(2) At ease, march
When executed fromt he halt, all marching movements begin with the left foot except one, which movement is that exception?
Right step, march
On which foot is the preparatory command and the command of execution given to a unit to change its direction of march?
On the foot in the direction of the desired movement
What are the two commands you give to align a squad in line?
Dress Right, Dress; Read, Front
What is meant by inflection?
Rise and fall in pitch and tone of the voice
What are the four rest positions?
(1) Parade Rest
(2) Stand at ease
(3) At ease
(4) Rest
What are the differences between "Parade Rest" and "Stand at ease"?
(1) Parade Rest - Head and eyes are straight ahead
(2) Stand at ease - Head and eyes turned to face the speaker
In a company formation with platoons in line, where does the commander, 1SG, platoon leaders, and guidon bearer position themselves?
(1) Commander - 12 steps to the front and centered
(2)1SG - 3 steps to the rear and centered
(3) Plt Ldr - 6 steps to the front and centered on platoon
(4) Guidon Bearer - 1 step to the rear and 2-15" steps to the left of the commander
What action does each squad take when the command "open ranks, march" is given?
(1) 1st squad - 3-30" steps forward
(2) 2nd squad - 1-30" step forward
(3) 3rd squad - stands fast
(4) 4th squad - 3-15" steps backward
Whats is the difference between "Dismissed" and "Fall Out"?
(1) Dismissed - The troops may leave the area
(2) Fall Out - The troops may rest but must remain in a designated area
How do you "Break Ranks" when your name is called out to "Front and Center' in a formation?
Take one step backward, halt, look to the right/left and exit the formation by marching to the nearest flank. Once clear of the formation, begin a double time and halt two steps in front and centered on the formation.
What is a Reveille Ceremony?
A ceremony in which the unit honors the National Flag as it is raised in the morning
When do you keep your headgear on whilc reporting to an officer inside a building?
When under arms
If you are on a work detail and an officer walks by, who should call attention?
The person in charge of the detail will salute while the detail continues working
How many steps must the salute be held after passing the National Flag?
Six steps
What is the purpose of drill?
It accomplishes teamwork, pride, alertness, attention to detail, esprit de corps and discipline.