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What FM covers Drill and Ceremonies?
FM 3-21.5
What is the primary purpose of Drill?
To quickly move a group of soldiers from one place to another in an orderly manner
What are three methods of instruction used to teach drill to soldiers?
Talk through
by the numbers
As a rule, marching movements are taught using which method?
What teaching method is best for movements that require numerous actions?
Talk Through
Which teaching method is best used for movements with 2 or more counts?
FM 3-21.5 refers to PICAA, what is this?
Preparatory command
Intermediate step
Command of execution
additional step
action step
When using the by-the-numbers method what command is used to begin instructing one step at a time? What command is used to terminate single-count instruction?
"by the numbers"
"without the numbers"
What is the best time to use the U-formation, the line formation?
U-best for teaching stationary movements
Line- used for teaching marching movements
To enable soldiers to learn the rhythm of cadence what command can be given?
"count cadence, COUNT"
What is a drill command?
an oral order of a commander or leader.
How should you be positioned when giving command to troops?
At the halt, should be facing
On commands that set the unit in motion, should move with the unit
When marching, turn your head towards unit
What command is given to revoke a preparatory command? command of execution?
As you were, trick question
What are the 5 types of commands in drill?
Two part
Most drill commands have 2 parts, what are they?
Preparatory command
Command of execution
Are the commands "ready,port,arms" and "ready,aim, fire" considered to be 2-part commands?
What is the interval between prep command and command of execution?
One count/step
To change direction on what foot are the commands called?
On the foot in the direction you are turning
What commands should be given at a uniformly high pitch and loudness?
combined commands
Give a few examples of combined commands?
At ease, Fall in, Rest
What is a supplementary command?
Oral orders given by the subordinate reinforcing and complimenting the commanders order
When in formation at present arms what should leaders do before giving their supplementary command "order"?
Terminate the salute
What are directives?
Oral orders that direct or cause a subordinate leader to take action. I/e "bring your units to present arms"
What is the only directive in which a commander relinquishes command and on which salutes are exchanged?
Take charge of your units
What are the 3 elements of a correctly delivered command?
Tone, snap, and cadence
What is the best posture for giving commands?
the position of attention
What is inflection?
The rise and fall in pitch and tone on the voice
What is the most desirable pitch when begining a prep command?
near normal speaking tone
How should the command of execution be given?
In a sharp tone, and a higher pitch that the prep command
What is meant by cadence?
a uniform and rhythm
What is a mass command?
Mass commands are used to develop confidence and promote enthusiasm. Mass commands are given by all members of the unit
What command is used to initiate Mass commands?
At your command
What are the 2 parts of a mass command?
Prep command (face platoon to the right)
Command of exec (Command, platoon gives "right, face"
What command is used to stop the use of mass command?
At my command
What 2 commands may be given to call a unit or individuals to attention?
Fall in
What are the 4 rest positions from the halt?
Parade rest
stand at ease
at ease
Describe the position of attention.
Bring heels together sharply, toes at 45 angle, bodyweight evenly on heels and toes, legs strait w/o locking knees, body erect, hips level, chest lifted and arched, shoulder square, head erect, face strait to the front, chin drawn in, head and neck aligned vertically, arms hang strait, fingers curled, thumbs along seams of trousers, remain silent and do not move
Parade rest is only given from what position?
What rest positions can be given from parade rest?
any rest position
You may talk in formation at only what position?
What 5 facing movements can be given from attention?
left/right face
1/2 left/right race
about face
When marching, who salutes in the formation?
Only person leading formation
When outside what is the appropriate time to render to salute?
Approx 6 paces from individual
What is meant by marching at attention?
Combines the position of attention and the marhcing movement
When executed from the halt, all steps begin with the left foot except?
Right step
All marching movements except 2 are executed at attention, what are they?
route-step march
at-ease march
Change step march is executed when which foot strikes the ground?
right foot
What command is given to change direction of a marching element 180 degrees?
Rear, March
On what foot is rear, march given?
Right foot
What is the difference betwixt "at ease, march" and "route step, march"?
At ease- no cadence, maintain silence and interval
route step- same as at ease, soldier may talk, drink
What are the only 2 command that can be given while marching at ease?
Route step and quick time
Half step is how many inches, on which foot is it given?
15, either
While in march,time feet are raised how many inches off marching surface?
dos, duo, 2
What is the proper distance betwixt soldiers while marching?
arms length + 6 inches
What command is used to march a unit backwards at 15 inche steps?
Backwards march
Double time is given at what 2 positions?
Halt, quick time
What are the length of the following steps? Forward/half step/left-right step/backward/double time
What are the 2 positions of attention with a weapon?
Order arms, sling arms
Which 3 movements under arms must be performed at order arms?
double time, stack arms, fix/unfix bayonets
When carrying arms what command must be given before double time?
Port arms
What is an element?
any of the four substances, fire,water,air,earth
An individual squad, section, platoon or larger unit forming as part of the next higher unit
what is a formation?
the arrangement of a unit in a specific manner
What is a line formation?
A fomation in which key elements are side by side
What is a column?
A formation in which key elements are one behind the other
what is a rank?
A line that is only on element in depth
What is a file?
A column that has only one front
what is a flank?
the right/left side of an element
what is alignment?
the arrangements of several elements on the same line
what is a base?
the element on which a movement is planned or regulated
What is cover?
Alinging oneself directly behind the element in front of you
What is Head?
Slang for oral pleasure
leading element in a column
what is depth?
the space from front to rear of a formation
what is the post?
the place with a px, gym and popeyes....
the correct place for the officer, nco to stand
What are the to formations for a squad?
Line and Column
When a unit is in a line formation the post is where?
3 steps and centered
When a unit is in column formation, the post is where?
3 steps to the left and centered on element
How should a squad leader carry his weapon when the squad drills?
Sling arms
Where does the squad leader stand in a platoon formation?
at the 1 position`
What is interval?
the lateral space betwixt soldiers, measure left to right
What types of intervals are there?
Normal, close, double
What commands are used to align a squad at close interval?
At close interval, dress right, dress... and ready front
What 2 commands are used to align a squad with the element in the front?
Cover and recover
What command changes a column formation to a line formation?
Right, face
What does dismissed mean?
dismissed terminates the formation not the duty day
What command is used when a platoon sergeant wants to get accountability from his platoon?
What are the acceptable reports?
All Present, the soldier who is absent and where that soldier be
What is the movements of the ranks on "open Ranks March"
front rank- 2 steps forward
second- one step forward
third- stand fast
fourth- one 15 inch step backward
Counter column march moves the unit where? and on what foot?
reverse, leftie
Where does the guidon stand?
2 15 inch step to rear and left of the CO
What pub is used for the guide-on?
FM 3-21.5 appndx H