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marine grade
sound proofing
wter, white glue, chees cloth
on top of homosote
miter joint
picture frame
full flap
deck of ship
dado joint
scarf joint
make board longer
tongue anf groove
puzzle piece
covers flats
hog troffs
used on bac of flats
jute tubing
reinforce backdrop
metal ring that reinforces hole in fabic
pipe pocket
keeps curtain flat
bogus paper
put down when painting backdrop to protect stage, wont stick to backdrop
seamless drop
expensive, used in hollywood
radial arm saw
across grain
stop guide
line up and hold wood in place
table saw
cutting with the grain
cold saw
for steel, lubricates, no sparks
abrasive cut off saw
sparks, rough
2 sides fence, keeps wood tight
band saw
cuts curves in wood
miter saw
cutting angles
belt and disk sander
always work on down stroke
drill press
drill holes
part that holds bit
bench grinder
grind off starp edges of steel
sabre saw
cut curves in wood, good for holes
skill saw
circular, commonly used
hand grinder
sharp edges of steel
trim off excess material, decrative pattern on edge, in middle,
used for anything, good for strike
crow bar
bigger pull up nails, lot of leverage
pry bar
smaller, more careful
nail set
fts in finish nail to set in wood
carpender carries
hammer, tape measure, matte or olfa knife, end nippers, vise grips
end nippers
pull up nails, staples
vise grip
like wrench, used to clamp
sabre saw
cuts curves, good forcuting holes (band saw)