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Antonin Artaud.

"The theatre and it's double"

Remove the comforting distance between actors and audience. Sensational, total experience, less in terms of plot
Environmental Theater
Richard Schechner's performance group (new york). Schechner wrote Dionysus in 69.

Meant to inspire audience and actor inspiration.
Poor theater
Jerzy Grotowski (poland, laboratory theater) created poor theater to contrast the rich or commercial stage.

Took old plays a reconstructed them for modern times, changing their meaning.
Theater of Images
Robert Wilson. Narratives that sometimes take eight hours to perform. Multimedia dramas with huge casts and cover an immense historic range.
Little Hellman said, “If you believe, as the Greeks did that man is at the mercy of the Gods, then you write tragedy. The end is inevitable from the beginning. But if you do believe that man can solve his own problems and is at nobody's mercy, then you will probably write _____________.”
Actors Reality
<add some stuff here>
_____ felt that the stage was a platform on which political and social issues could be debated.
True/False: Samuel Beckett enjoyed slapstick comedy.
70. During Ancient Greek theatre the chorus performed different songs: Parados while moving onto the stage and ____ while standing still
72. The drama reaches a conclusion and the characters understand the situation and themselves better than they did at the beginning is part of
Falling action
True/false: 79. The world premiere of “MASTER HAROLD”…and the Boys was not in Johannesburg, South Africa, but in New Haven, Connecticut, at the Yale Repertory Theatre.

80. “MASTER HAROLD”…and the Boys is set as a two act play, usually performed with one intermission.

Terminology: Spine
Associated with directorr
111. “preplanned movement of the actors”

director or stage manager?
Mock up, what is it, who's responsible
is this an object representing the official prop?

6. During the Dark Ages these plays dramatized the lives of saints
Miracle plays
19. What did Agnes DeMille bring to the Broadway Musical?

35. Arthur Miller was 55 years old when he wrote Death of a Salesman

37. Jo Mielziner was the designer for the original production of The Glass Menagerie and Death of a Salesman.

Menagerie and Death of a Salesman. (T)
38. In early Elizabethan Period, theatre did not specifically aim to provide a moral lesson, it was to entertain.