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dr sonjas happiness formula
1. H=S+C+V
2. h=happiness
3. s=set pt
4. c=circumstances
5. v=volitance activity(we can do to change happiness)
flourishing characterized by
1. growth
2. happiness
3. resilience
Self actualization traits:
1. openess to experience: sponataity, greater/clearer perception of reality, creativity of freshness/openness to life experience
2. autonomy: free of cultural influence, non conformity, authenticity
3. positive relationships: other focuses
4. ethical standards: impeccable
Positive character traits +virtue
1. wisdom and knowledge-cognitive creativity, curiosity, love of learning, perspective talking
2. courage: persistence
3. humanity: kindness/love, compassion, social intelligence
positive psych effects
1. changes immune function
2. changes brain function.structure
3. mindset
4. recovery from illness
5. psychological function
6. interpersonal relations
How to increase positive emotion
1. gratitude
2. relaxation/mindfulness
3. humor/laughter
4. empathy
5. flow
VIA strengths and virtues
1. criteria for a signature strength
2. using strength in new ways
CBT model + revision of course motto-aaron beck
*implicit assumptions/beliefs about the world and about ourselves
*they influence our perceptions of the world
*perceptions of the world influence us to have automatic thoughts (mental habits)
Temporal awareness
When something nice is happening, it is only there for a short period of time
Ways of savoring
*behavioral expression
*temporal awareness
*ways to cultivate positive mental states
*thinking (cognition)emotion
*share with others
*memory build (photos)
*sensory sharpening-sensory qualities
Positive states/experiences: the ex of savoring
*attend to appreciate and enhance positive experiences
*components of awareness/consciousness
*freedom from esteem or social needs
Experiencing positive emotions improved interpersonal relations by
1. Increases reasonableness
2. helpfulness/altruism (unselfishness)
3. Generosity
4. Social responsibility
Benefits of positive emotions
1. widens scope of attention
2. broadens behavioral repoitors
3. creative (new for you)
4. increase intuition
all mind sets