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Asthama def
variable airflow obstruction in response to certain agents that causes bronchial hyper reactivity "twitchy, irritable airways" that are infalmmed:
occupational asthams
2 step diagnosis
1. spirometry-where FEV1 is greatly decreased
2. determine its work relationship
*most common occupational lung disease (10-15% all asthama work related)
What is a valid workerman's comp claim for asthma?
pre-existing asthama may be "aggravated" by work (which means, consistent, that doesn't return to baseleline) vs. "exacerbation", which does return to baseline.
a man comes in, u diagnos w/astham, but what kind? He develops sx w/in 24 hurs, and works with cholrine and ammonia. Does he have an allergy that doesn't allow him to work?
No, irritatant-induced asthams (asthams W/O latency); does not have allergy and could go back to work.
What is the allergic asthama caaled?
Asthama w/latency (sensitzation, type E)..latex, isocynates, large molcs, wood dust
if s/o gets a normal spirometry test, does this rule out asthma?
no, its variable so go to a metacholine challenge-
what would a postive metacholine challenge be?
a decrease in FEV1 to 80% of baseline+<8mg/ml (hyperreactive) or losing 20% from baseline
a drug that will cause a false neg MC test
The smaller the PD 20 means a worse disease on a MC test
the higher the amt of hyperreactivity; IF sensitized Strict avoidance of further exposure
Restrictive Lung disorders (4)
1. Pneunoconioses:
a. CWP
b. Silicosis (acute & chrnc
c. asbestosis
2 Hypersensitivity pneunomitis
*all loss of lung vol in response to organic exposures, minteral dust or fibers, NOT FROM LUNG AGENTS, remeber FVC is decreased here
Asbestos: 4 possible outcomes in 2 sites in body
A. pleural changes, no relatiship to cig smoking:
1. benigh (plaques,thcnks,effusions)
2. malignant (mesothelioma)
B. Parenchymal changes (LUNG TISSUE)
3. benign (fibrosis)=*asbestosis
4. malignant=lung cancer
*so ppl w/lung cancer, cig smoking+asbestos have a synergitic effect
So, asbestosis is
scarring of the lung tissue
3 compoents to diagnose asbestosis
1. small IRREGULAR opacities (stu) in lower lung zones
2.plueral changes-can co-exist w/asbestors but not b/c of asbestos
3. b-reading-certified asbestoris reader
A b-reader fings pleural plaques-(calicifed lesions) in lung, but a clear lung field?***
NOT asbestosis, but most common radiographic finding in exposed a. wokrers,
small REGULAR opacities in upper lung zones, no plueral changes