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Procainamide primarily inhibits depolarization through inhibition of which type of ion channel?
which of the following is not a property of digoxin?
inhibition of a cAMP-dependent PDE
What ARE the properties of digoxin?
decreased conduction speed in AV node cells, resetting of mem potential to a less negative value, increased contractility, incrased vagal activity
Which of the following agents would be useful for the most rapid treatment of stable angina?
sublingual nitroglycerin
captopril exerts its vasodilator effects on all of the following except:
increasing aldosterone secretion
which of the following agents would have the greatest direct effect on relaxation of the vasculature?
which of the following drugs would not be the agent of choice for the treatment of a patient with angina and COPD?
digoxin is sometimes used to treat atrial fibrillation because it
promotes conduction block at AV node
which of the following is true of clonidine for htn tx?
adrenergic agonist that reduces sympathetic outflow
slows ventricular rate resulting from atrial flutter, triggers tachycardia via BRR, reduces MAP, does not choose btwn cardiac or VSMC ca channels
the class III antiarrhythmic drug amiodarone
prolongs refractory periods and interrupts ventricular re-entry circuits