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What are the pathogens for adult aquired community pnuemonia?
H. Influenza
chlamyia pneumonie
How do you treat in outpatient?
erythro, azithro, TMP/SMX, Amoxi
How to do treat inpatient?
azithro, 3rd gen ceph, piperacillin, tazobactam
What causes peritonitis due to rupture of bowel?
Bacteroides fragilis
How do you treat peritonitis?
1. metro+3rd gen ceph
2. imipenem
3. clindamycin
what causes acute bacterial endocarditis?
staph aureus
how to do tx acute bac endocarditis?
1. nafcillin+genta
2. vanco+genta
what causes subacute endocarditis?
strep viridians, enterococci
how to treat subacute endocarditis?
1. peni+genta
2. vanco+genta
what causes septic arthritis?
in children? h influenza, staph aureus
in adults? staph aureus, gonococcus
how do you treat septic arthritis in children?
how do you treat septic arthritis in adults?
TMP/SMZ, levofloxacin
what causes otitis media, sinusitis?
step pneumo, h. influ, m. catarrhalis
how do you tx otitis media, sinusitis?
amox (+ - cluvalonic acid), TMP/SMZ
what causes cellulitis?
staph aureus, group a step
how do you tx cellulitis?
peni (nafcillin), cephalexin
what causes meningitis in children?
h.influ, meningococcus, strep, pnuemo
what causes meningitis in adults?
strep pneumo, meningococcus
how to treat meningitis?
what does amphotericin B treat?
systemic funal infections
what is Neisseria gonorrea tx with?
ceftriaxone, cefexime (+ antichlamydial drug)
which drugs induce CYP450?
griseofluvin, phytoin, rifampin, phenobarbital
which drug inhibit CYP450?
isoniazid, cimetidine, ketoconazol, allopurinol
what causes simple urinary tract infections?
e.coli, proteus, klebsiella, staph saprophyticus
how do you treat simple uti´s?
3 day course of TMP/SMZ or fluoroquinilone
what do you tx chlamydia with?
azithro, ofloxacin, tetra, erythro(when pregnant)
what is used to treat syphilis?
bezathine peni g, cefriaxone, erythro
treat trichomonas with?
how to tx genital candida?
topical miconazol, or clotrimazole, oral flucanazol
treat chancroid (h. ducreyi) with?
erythro, azithro, ceftriaxone, cipro
tx lymphogranuloma venerium with?
doxyxyline, erythro, tetra
tx granuloma inguinale with?
tetra, TMP/SMZ, erythro
treat genetical herpes with?
what is an effect of adriamycin(doxorubicin)?
what is an effect of bleomycin?
lung fibrosis
what is effect of vinblastine?
peripheral nueropathy
what is effect of cisplatin/carboplatin?