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Are the majority of stressors caused by organizational factors or inherent problems of making the transition from student to doctor?
Organizational problems
The prevalence of depression in first and second year medical students
In the article, stressful incidents, stresses and coping strategies...,stress levers were highest among who? lowest?
Those who reported an incident concerned with self or responsibility.

Lowest in those for whom the incident related to death and disease.
Are males or females more likely to report incidents related to overwork and to report incidents related to responsibility?
Males: more likely to report incidents related to overwork

Females: more likely to report incidents related to responsibility.
Largest group described what stressful incident?
Faced with professional responsibility beyond their competence or experience.
Second largest category of stressful situations?
Difficult interpersonal relationships, conflict or communication problems.
The smallest category of stressful situations?
Incident centered on the self-esteem, safety, career or personal health of the respondent
Most common coping strategies
Social support
Wishful thinking
3 contributing factors to stress
1. sleep deprivation
2. overwork
3. too little personal time
Which coping strategy was most used? generally less used? little used?
-most used: Seek social support followed by wishful thinking
-generally less used: problem-focused approaches
-Little used: blamed self & avoidance
Those who reported problems about death & disease & responsibility were more likely to use what approach?
According to housejob study, most stress? least stress?
-Most stress: related to self or responsibility
-Least stress: related to death and disease
According to the housejob study, what coping strategies did the doctors find most helpful?
talking their problems over with someone...but their workload made it difficult
Major category of incident for the housejob doctors
taking responsibility
Coping strategies by housejob doctors
Seeks social support
Wishful thinking
Blamed self
What interventions doe the authors suggest should be implemented to help with physician stress?
1. Better supervision in the first weeks in post, at night, and for medical problems on surgical wards
2. More attention to avoiding sleep deprivation
3. More time for discussion with colleagues at work
4. More personal time with friends and family
One unable to fullfill professional or personal responsibilities because of psychiatric illness, alcoholism, or drug dependency
Impaired physician defined by AMA
What is the recovery rate for physicians and the relapse rate?
83% and 42%
% of alcohol/blood volume
Do the doctors qualities become their greatest disposition towards impairment?
1. Strong drive for achievement (competitiveness)
2. Exceptional conscientiousness (obsessiveness)
3. Ability to deny personal problems
Doctors are most predisposed towards depression
Does the author of "identifying and assisting the impaired physician" believe the AMA definition is complete?
No, it should also include, "Any medical problem that can possibly impair a physician's ability to provide adequate care and treatment"
Do female doctors have a higher suicide rate compared with the general population?
Do impaired physicians show better rate of recovery?
Yes because of education, motivation
What does the AMA say about impaired physicians?
Physicians have the obligation to report impaired physicians, instead of reporting the physician to state licensing board, doctors should try to get them into treatment programs or contact the hospital's chief of staff