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cind incearcam sa gestionam stresul
creierul foloseste in cantitati mari anumite substante chimice numite cum?

concret aceste subst chimice ce fac in creier ,cite actiuni si cum se numesc ?
In handling stress the brain uses large quantities of certain chemicals called NEUROTRANSMITTERS.
2 induc sau inhiba impulsuri

din scientifically speaking :How is our brain affected in stressful situations?

Neurotransmitters induce or inhibit impulses in your brain.) At some point, the amount of stress we endure causes the brain to run out of these chemicals.
in centrul emotiilor din creier
sint 5 neurotransmitatori sau chemicals ..enumerati

There are 5 main chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brains emotion center. The OPIOIDS, GABA, SEROTONIN,
cind cele 5 subst principale scad incepe un ciclu periculos .Cum se numeste ?
ciclul stresului ( stress cyccle

The OPIOIDS, GABA, SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE and NOREPINEPHERINE. When these chemicals are lowered a dangerous cycle begins within our bodies. The cycle is called the Stress Cycle and the damage it causes is deadly.
cind nivelul Opioidelor e scazut automat cine se elibereaza? nivelul cui creste ?
automat creste eliberarea cui ?

ce tip de stres determina diminuarea nivelului Opioid elor?

Low OPIOID levels automatically causes an increase in DOPAMINE release

oricare tip de stress duce la scaderea nivelului opioid
Any type of Stress causes the OPIOID levels to diminish
cind dopamina se elibereaza -momentul eliberarii Dopaminei este asemanator momentului urmator luarii unei mici cantitati din ce drog?
este exact acelasi raspuns chimic ca atunci cind luam ..

When Dopamine is released, it is exactly the same chemical response as that following a small cocaine use
cea mai nemaipomenita eliberare de Dopamina naturala are loc cind?
cea mai ?eliberarea de dopamina naturala (se intimpla) ce moment ?
climaxului sexual
The greatest natural Dopamine release happens at the moment of sexual climax
scaderea nivel opioidelor determina
pe linga cresterea automata a dopaminei
scaderea nivelului eliberarii carei substantei din cele 5 ?

scaderea acesteai X duce la cresterea eliberarii cui ?
scade Opioid scade GABA
Low OPIOID levels also causes the lowering of the GABA levels.

scaderea Gaba determina cresterea eliberarii Noradrenalinei(norepinefrina)
Low GABA levels cause an increase in NOREPINEPHERIN release. cel mai evident ,observabil feel cind scade GABA ?

2.Scaderea eliberarii gaba ce efecte are afara deadinca depresie?
adinca depresie

The most obvious feeling is deep Depression

2 raspuns emotional rapid .....efecte scaderea Gaba:
-fie furie sau descurajare slaba
-panica inexplicabila,
When this occurs, feelings of anxiety, insecurity and unexplained panic are felt.
in alcool ce neurotransmitator artificial se gaseste ?

ce efect are prin acesta alcoolul .

Multi oameni apeleaza la alcool cind care neurotransmitor are nivelul scazut si ce simptome prezinta scaderea lui ?
Cum devine un om in sit asta si ce senzatie creeaza ?
Opioid artificial

usurarea,eliberare(relief) de efectele scaderii Opioid

Many people find relief from these feelings from an artificial opioid that is released by Alcohol or other drugs.

3 sezatie de urgenta,
iritabil,usor miniat,usor de scos din sarite
This creates a sense of urgency in an individual. A person also becomes irritable, easily angered, easily
Stresul cauzeaza diminuarea opioidelor.
dati citeva exemple de opioide cele mai familiare:
endorfina si enkefalina,

Stress causes the opioids (endorphin, enkephalin, etc.) levels to diminish. The lower opioids levels create a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency is usually expressed as the need to respond to certain physical demands, e.g., if one drinks a couple of quarts of iced tea at 10:00 in the evening, he or she will usually awaken in the middle of the night with a very strong sense of urgency. As soon as the body's need has been taken care of, the sense of urgency goes away.
doua chemicals din cele 5 reunite '@ poarta un nume comun .Care e acest nume ?
sau cum se numeste reactia de alarma ?

si cine sint cele 2 ?

La ce poate duce aceasta reactie?
Fight@flight (lupta si fugi,ia-ti zborul)

adrenalina @Dopamina

stricaciuni(damages)ale oragnelor interne in special inimii

When Stress was primarily physical - when cavemen actually fought tigers - they had to fight the tiger or they had to run from it. Today's modern Stress is of a different nature. We don't do physical battle with tigers, we do mental battle with freeway traffic, unending meetings, or jobs that have no future.

SO THE BODY DOES WHAT COMES NATURALLY....... It still pumps high energy chemicals (those needed in running or fighting) into our bodies BUT we don't fight anything, we don't run. We sit there in our cars or at our desk, actually boiling in the chemicals our own body has released. These chemicals, called ADRENALINE & DOPAMINE, which power the "fight or flight" alarm reaction, can do great damage to all the internal organs, especially the heart.
Cum raspunde corpul la stresul emotional ?comparativ cu raspunsul la stresul fizic

ce produce corpul in momentul de stres

Aceasta reactie chimica la stres este un proces fiziologic ?
a evoluat acest proces sau
e acelasi raspuns primitiv de acum milioane de ani chiar daca probleme sint de azi ?
la fel in stresul emotional ca in cel fizic

corpul produce chemicals(neurotr?) pt extraputere si energie
body produces chemicals for extra strength or energy.

The body responds to EMOTIONAL stress exactly like it responds to PHYSICAL danger or stress.
Your body produces chemicals for extra strength or energy.
This chemical reaction to stress is a physiological process that has evolved over millions of years. In other words, The Brain Is Reacting To Todays Problems With Yesterday's Primitive Responses.