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What country finally helped Columbus to get ships together to explore a new route to the Indies?
Spain, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
Another name for the countries of INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN and the SPICE ISLANDS
where spices, gold and pearls and silk were abundant
Country that said NO to Columbus' expedition
Names of Columbus' ships
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
How many voyages did Columbus make in search of a new trade route?
Four, never touched N. America, named Carribean islands WEST INDIES
Who sent the Discovery, The Susan Contant and The Godspeed to form a new colony in 1606?
King James of England, wanted to find GOLD
What were GENTLEMEN?
Wealthy men who sailed to NEW WORLD in search of more wealth - gold, did not know HARD WORK
JAMESTOWN, the first colony was named after
The King of England, King James
Who was the Captain of the main ship - The Susan Constant
Captain Newport
Who had red hair, and spent a month in the brig aboard the Susan Constant
John Smith
In the brown wood box, seven men's names were listed to set up new government, give two names
Captain Newport and John Smith
John Smith was important to the new colonists because
1) he knew how to trade for food with the Indians

2) knew how to keep peace with Indians
John Smith's new rule for colonists, especially the GENTLEMEN
In what shape did early settlers of JAMESTOWN build their fort
What were some reasons many settlers died off
NO FOOD, gardens weren't planted, MALARIA - from mosquitos because living near/on marshes