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What happened when Miguel was 7 years old
his father traveled to spain as a doctor and got to know lots of social classes.
Describe el padre de Miguel de Cervantes
poor noble, worked in secret in order to support his family. his father practiced in medicine enen though he didnt have a liscence. because of his great work he earned the respect of his poor patients.
What happened when Miguel was 17 years old
he and his family moved to madrid and miguel had lots of intellegent friends there of whom he discussed politics, art, religion and literature.
What happened when Miguel was 22 years old
he went to rome as a secret spy.
what happened when Miguel was 24 years old
he became a soldier. during the battle of lepanto he got badly injured in his left hand. later on he eas captured by pirates of whom sold him as a slave.
what happened to Miguel when he was 33
Miguel was rescued as returned to Spain
Why was Miguel imprisoned and what did he do there
he was imprsioned in mnadrid because of losing money that wasnt his. there he wrote el quijote in which was then publisized in 1605.
when did Miguel die
he died in 1616 in the same year as shakespeare