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What is the study design that can best determine the effect of promotional techniques on cafeteria sales?
What should you do with a new client who sits scowling at you during your session?
Ask her if she is uncomfortable about the session
The absence of reinforcement following an undesirable behavior is
When training new employees, what should always be followed?
Planned orientation and training program
In a study of the effects of saccharine, who received the placebo?
The group receiving sugar
Before you teach a class on nutrition, you should
ASSESS the students current nutrition knowledge
What type of learning is used when you learn certain physical skills that require physical manipulation?
Active listening in counseling sessions involves
paraphrasing and responding
A study reported a 10% morbidity rate in infants in the country and a 12% morbidity rate for infants in the city. This means that there is ___ disease in infants in the city than in the country
The outpatient dietitian is planning a continuing education program...what should be done first?
survey patients to see what interests them
When planning a program for the rural elderly, what is important?
How they will get to you
What is a definite positive correlation?
.8 to 1.0
Where would this sentence be placed in a research article..."most of the changes seen were probably due to..."
You are asked to give an inservice to the staff. What should you do first?
observe the staff at work to identify problems
When should performance objectives be given to workers?
the day they are hired
When developing educational plans, when do you plan the evaluation criteria?
plan evaluation criteria at each step in the process
When instituting an employee training program, begin by
conducting a needs assessment of all to be trained
What is the most useful measurement for evaluating long term nutrition in a community assessment program
height for age
What number denotes a high correlation?
The mean is a measure of
central tendency
In interpreting statistical data, if half the observations are above the number 8 and half are below the number 8, the number 8 is the
The best advantage of self instructional models is they allow a student to
proceed at their own pace
A study showed the morbidity of children to be 5:1000. This means
5 out of 1000 had anemia
The results of a glucose tolerance test would best be plotted on a
line graph
When you measure functional and manipulative skills, which domain of learning are you analyzing?
At your first counseling session with a new patient you should
find out what he eats
An appropriate purpose of analytical research is to ___ the hypothesis
Define Mean
the average
If patients in a counseling session become restless
shorten the sessions
What is the best way to prepare staff for a new way to deliver trays?
include them during discussions of proposed methods
The best indicator that children profited from a nutrition education program about iron is
the children select snacks with more iron
In a research study on custards which would be the dependent variable?
the cooked custard
What is the mean of this set of numbers-3, 2, 2
Statistics that let you draw probable conclusions beyond your immediate universe of data are called
inferential statistics
To define performance objectives for a class for patients you must determine
what the learner should know or be able to do
You are asked to evaluate a new herbal supplement that you know is not healthy. You should
explain why it is not sound and give alternatives
Synergistics is
a group of people working together to solve a problem
When counseling an anorexic, the best advice is to
be flexible and help them choose reasonable goals
After you review the patients medical record the first step in counseling is to establish
a climate of trust
The best way to improve communication with participants in an nutrition education group would be to focus on
When counseling patients who have limited ability to speak and understand your language, you should use
demonstrations and food models
The number of individuals in a population diagnosed with a specific condition during a specified time is the
Results of a 3 day food record were obtained in June and again there days later. What is this called?
Which of the following responses by a counselor indicates "reflection"
You said " You want to lose weight?"
How do you begin an interview with a patient?
Introduce yourself and make them comfortable
Inferential statistics are associated with
When teaching a non English speaking patient about serving sizes you should use
food models to show the choice of recommended serving sizes
What is your first concern when deciding how to teach?
The needs and abilities of your students
The statement "after class, the patient will be able to write a days menu following the guidelines" is an
To determine the reading level of a text, count
the number of words with more than one syllable
In a normal curve, what percent of data falls between 1 and negative 1 standard deviation?
When writing a standard research paper, a statement including "this is probably due to..." should be placed in which section?
The statement "the country's infant mortality rate is 12.8 and the states infant mortality rate is 10.5 means that for every ___ births in the country, ___infants died"
1000, 12.8
What reading level is appropriate for educational material for the general population?
8th grade
What reading level is appropriate for written materials for a population with low literacy skills?
6th grade
The formula that counts the number of polysyllabic words in text to calculate the reading level is the ___ index
Which is the dependent variable?
The incidence of xeropthalmia in children between the ages of 1-5 is 5:1000. This means
morbidity rate of xeropthalmia is 5 in every 1000 children ages 1-5
If there is no statistical difference between study groups, the hypothesis is
A focus group contributes what data?
An example of nominal (frequency) data is
differentiate between men and women
A 3 day recall is done and then repeated in 2 months. This is done to test
Which result is desirable?

Experimental group before was A and after was B
Control group before was C and after was D
the difference between A and B is more significant than the difference between C and D, the goal is that the experiment works better than the control
A patient related a story to the RD. The RD says "This happened to me too". This is called
self disclosure
An example of formative evaluation is
pre test quiz
A lecture provides...
the most amount of material in a short time
How can you encourage pre school children to eat more fruits and vegetables?
Have them participate in the preparation
What is the best way to teach food service workers to prepare a full liquid diet?
demonstrate, then have them prepare it.
Following counseling, a client is able to prepare a low sodium diet. The learning domain is
cognitive (knowledge!)
A client says "I want to change my eating habits" You ask why. The learning domain is
affective (attitudes/values)
What is the best way to assess what a group of students has learned after their diet instruction?
have them demonstrate their skills
A research study was done on plate waste. Plate waste for breakfast is more than for dinner. This was due to the familiarity and popularity of the food. What section of a research paper would this statement be found in?
Which of the following methods is most effective for marketing a nutrition program to an inner city, Hispanic population?
Spanish food demos at local grocery stores
An advantage of using focus groups to collect data is that they help
the researchers understand participants perspectives
An example of a survey with negative correlations is
when folic acid intake increases prior to pregnancy, the incidence of neural tube defects declines
When providing nutrition education to a pregnant teacher, which characteristic of adolescents should be kept in mind?
desire to be like their peers
A clients failure to become in involved in a breast feeding program may be due to lack of
social support
A client states they can no longer return to the clinic for counseling due to a change in jobs. To ensure continued compliance with the diet you should...
inform the person about other resources for follow up counseling
The first step in evaluating the effectiveness of a series of nutrition education programs would be to identify
the objectives of each of the programs
A behavioral strategy for weight control intended to limit exposure to food would require an individual to
portion the food before serving it at the table
Which of the following is an achievable outcome for a community weight control program
reduce by 10% the number of obese adults, age 25-49 years, within two years of starting the program
A client refuses to follow the diet after you have explained the plan and its rationale. You should then ask
what changes he is willing to make
Which of the following best encourages a client to take responsibility for making appropriate dietary changes? Ask them...
Which change will you be most comfortable trying first?
To determine the effectiveness of an 8th grade nutrition program to be offered throughout a city, you should
pilot test the program in one school
The most effective way to increase the incidence and duration of breast feeding among clients receiving prenatal care is to implement
a breast feeding peer counselor program
A client returns for a follow up visit after diet instruction and states " I have not lost any weight on this diet". You should respond with...
What is your typical day like?