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What are two broad movements with regards to a view of sin?
Philosophical Naturalism

Philosophical Idealism
What is the view of sin that holds "sin is due to man's essential finitude or creaturely weakness?"
Philosophical Naturalism
What is the view of sin that holds "sin is due to bodily appetites or instincts or to man's possession of a body?"
Philosophical Idealism
What are 5 Biblical notions of sin?
1. violation of the divine command
2. unfaithfulness
3. rebellion
4. idolatry
5. unbelief
6. selfishness
What are 3 common views on the origin of sin?
1. from some eternally existing evil force
2. The rebellion of some angels
3. the rebellion of Adam & Eve
What is "sedes doctrinae"?
the idea that various Christian doctrines set on certain Biblical texts
What is the extent of sin?
(4 verse phrases & references)
1. There is no one who does not sin (1 Kings 8:46)
2. All we like sheep have gone astray (Is. 53:6)
3. There is none righteous (Rom. 3:10)
4. If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves (1 John 1:8)
What are 3consequences of sin?
1. death
2. guilt
3. corruption
What are 3 aspects of death due to sin?
1. physical
2. spiritual
3. eternal
What are 3 ways sin affects our relationship with God?
1. Divine disfavor
2. guilt
3. punishment
What are 7 ways sin affects the sinner?
1. enslavement to sin
2. flight from reality
3. denial of sin
4. self-deceit
5. insensitivity
6. self-centeredness
7. restlessness
What are 4 ways sin affects our relationship with other people?
1. competition
2. inability to empathize
3. rejection of authority
4. inability to love
What is the pelagian or imitation view of sin?
Man is a sinner because he sins, not because he is born sinful. This view holds that man is spiritually well.
What 2 key groups hold the pelagian view?
Unitarians and Socinians
What is the Augustinian view of sin?
The entire human race existed seminally in Adam. This is the biological view. He holds that man is spiritually dead.
What view of sin is sometimes referred to as the natural headship view?
What is the semi-pelagian view of sin?
Adam's sin caused spiritual weakness rather than fallenness. Man is spiritually sick.
Which view of sin is the common view of Roman Catholicism?
Who is the main proponent of the semi-pelagian view of sin?
John Cassian
What is the Arminian view of sin?
Adam's sin causes guilt, depravity and punishment in the human race but God's prevenient grace enables man to cooperate with God to overcome this state.
Who is the main proponent of the Arminian view?
Charles Wesley
What is the Federal/Covenantal view of sin?
God entered into covenant with Adam, agreeing to give eternal life on condition of obedience.
Which view of sin is in the Calvinistic tradition?
Federal/Covenantal view
Who are two main proponents of the Federal/covenantal view of sin?
Cocceius and Turretin
What is the New School view of sin?
All men are born with a physical and moral constitution that predisposes them to sin. God imputes to men only their own acts of rebellion.
Who represents the New School theology?
Tmothy Dwight
What is the Neo-orthodox view of sin?
There is no historical Adam and Eve. We all have our own little scene in the Garden of Eden. Man is culpable only for the sins he commits.
Who is the main proponent of neo-orthodox view of sin?
What is the Liberation Theology of sin?
Sin is not an individual ace, but an act of a society. The solution for sin is social and political freedom. Sin is an economic system that oppresses the lower class.
Which theological view of sin is very attractive in cultures who have so little?
Liberation Theology
What are 8 theologies about the sin?
1. New School
2. Liberation Theology
3. Neo-Orthodox
4. Arminian
5. Pelagianism
6. Semi-Pelagianism
7. Augustinian
8. Federal/Covenantal
Is sin realistic or representative?
Adam really did pass on sin to the human race through the corruption of the human race (realistic)
Is the transfer of guilt mediate or immediate?
The transfer of guilt/corruption is immediate and we are all, therefore, bound to sin.
Does man posess a sin nature?
Man possesses a human nature that is corrupt. We don't have two natures fighting it out.
What are 3 key texts to understand the doctrine of sin?
1. Genesis 3
2. Psalms 51
3. Romans 5
Are there degrees of sin?
Sin does produce guilt. To violate even one law, you are unrighteous. However, with regard to one's relationship with God and judgment, the outcome of one sin is not equal to another.
What are 3 possibilities for infants who die?
1. All infants are lost due to their corruption by sin.
2. Only elect infants are saved.
3. All infants are saved through benefits of the atonement.
Is there an age of accountability with regard to sin?
Yes, there does come a point where one has the ability to discern right from wrong - both the recognition of sin and its gravity. It is not one particular age though.
What is one key passage with evidence for the salvation of infants who die?
2 Sam. 12:23 - David's son dies
What is the unpardonable sin?
Blasphemy against the Spirit. An attribution of the Spirit's work not to God but to Satan. Purposefully and willfully.
What are 4 key responses of a Christian to sin?
1. Flee (little cabin in the woods)
2. Rebel (condemnatory stance)
3. Reform (reform society)
4. Transform (understand the gospel transforms lives)