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Do not park...where?
-in an intersection
-in a tunnel
-on an overpass or bridge
-on the wrong side of the street
-in a spaced marked for the disabled unless you have a window hang or license plates to allow you
-on the railroad tracks
-on freeway shoulder without emergency
-where ever a sign prohibits
Do not park within ___ of a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign.
30 ft
Do not park within ___ of a pedestrian safety zone.
20 ft
Do not park within ___ of a fire hydrant.
15 ft
Do not park more than ___ from the curb.
12 in or 1 ft
Do not park within ___ of a fire station on the same side of the road and ___ on the opposite side.
Same: 20 ft
Opposite: 75 ft
Do not park within ___ of a drive way, alley, private road, or area of a curb used for vehicle handicap or vehicle access.
5 ft