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3 part of nuclietide
• 5-Carbon sugar
• Phosphate group
• Nitrogenous or nitrogen base
base paring rules for DNA
Base-pairing rules: A=T & G=C
DNA and RNA difference
DNA is the nucleic acid that stores and transmits the genetic info from one generation of an organism to the next
RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) is the nucleic acid that acts as a messenger between DNA and the ribosomes and carries out the process by which proteins are made from amino acids
DNA & RNA diff.
Sugar Deoxyribose Ribose
Strand Double Single
Nitrgnbs. A,T,G,C A,C,G,U (Uracil)
2 kinds of RNA
• Transcription is the process by which a molecule of DNA is copied into a complementary strand of DNA

Messenger RNA is involved in bringing the genetic information from the DNA in the nucleus to the ribosomes in the cytoplasm