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length of each full twist of the DNA double helix
3 nanometers
overall diamtere of DNA
2 nm
distance between each pair of bases
0.34 nm
base pairs
guanine=cytosine: triple H bonds

adamine=thymine: double H bonds
the bonds between sugar and phosphates
one ring

thymine and cytosine
two rings

adamine and guanine
relationship between backbones
sugar-phosphate backbones

run in opposite directions

sugar (deoxyribose) units of one strand are "upside down"
Okizaki fragments
on lagging side of DNA, zips open when DNA is unzippering, comes out in little pieces, ligase attaches to strands
nucleotide composition
1 sugar + 1 phosphate + 1 nitrogen base
first model of DNA, current model of DNA relationship
Watson-Crick model of DNA is consistent with the known biochemical and x-ray diffraction data.