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a mixture of DNA fragments is placed at one end of a jello-like material
Gel E. #1
electricity is then run through hte gell
Gel E. #2
DNA seperates according to size of the fragments
Gel E. #3
a single strand of DNA is copied using 4 nucleotide bases
DNA sequencing #1
each nucleotide base is marked with a fluroscent dye
DNA sequencing #2
enzyme comes through and adds a labeled base
DNA sequencing #3
enzyme cuts the DNA strand
DNA sequencing #4
produces DNA fragments with a labeled base end
DNA sequencing #5
results are seperated by size using gel e.
DNA sequence #6
primer DNA is added to each end of the piece of DNa
PCR #1
DNA is heated to seperate the 2 strands
PCR #2
DNA is cooled to allow the primer to bind to teh single stranded DNA
PCR #3
DNA Polymerase starts making copies of DNA between primers
PCR #4
millios of copies of original strand DNA are produced
PCR #5