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a jungle poison; decreases gastric secretions but also causes dryness of mouth; used as a pre-anesthetic
atropine biochemical effect
muscarinic ACh receptor blocker

developed as an anti-hypertensive but also causes hair growth; applied topically for male and female pattern baldness
analgesic and antipyretic and anti-inflammatory; used as a prophylactic for preventing second hear attacks and used for arthritis
ethanol lethal dose (LD-50)
10,000 mg/kg; translates to about 700 gm in a 70 kg adult or about 1.5 liters of 100 proof (50%) alcohol
LD-50 of sodium chloride
equivalent to about 0.5 lbs of salt; 4,000 mg/kg
Botulinum toxin LD-50
equal to about 70 ng/ 70 kg adult (70 billionths of a gram)
half life
= 0.693/Kel (hr or min)
= 0.693 (Vd/Cln) (hr or min)
Vd = D / Co (L/kg)
Cl p
= K el x Vd (L/hr/kg)