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The Diving Watch
- Helps diver to determine length of dive
- Length of time determines amount of air remaining for dive
The Dive Jacket
Type= Stab jacket
This is an inflaitable vest
Vest also stabilizes the gas bottle
The Regulator
This supplies the diver with breathing gas while unter water.
The Pressure Gauge
Measures the gas pressure in the bottle so the diver knows how much gas remains in the bottle
On this same device there is unsually a compass for navigation under water.
The Gloves
Gloves are an important protection for the divers hands. Also helps against cold.
The Mask
Mask protects the divers eyes and allows the diver to see clearly under water.
Flippers help the diver to swim more efficiently. They can swim better with only their legs and then keep hands freer.
An Italian producer of diving equipment.
Sea Life
These are a few pictures of sea animals...Hammerhead Shark, etc.
Padi stands for:
Professional Association of Diving Instructors