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autonomous areas
special ethnic homelands within the structure of existing republics
Baikal-Amur Mainline Railroad
parallels the older line but runs north of Lake Baikal to the Amur River
a faction of Russian's communists representing the interests of the industrial workers, seized power within the country
centralized economic planning
where the state controls production targets and industrial output
chernozem soils
fertile black earth soil
Cold War
war of escalating military competition that lasted from 1948-1991
Commonwealth of Independent States
a group of all the former republics except the three Baltic states
Slavic-speaking Christians who had earlier migrated to the region to seek freedom in the ungoverned steppes
cottage communities
the return of nuclear weapons from outlying republics to Russian control and their partial dismantling
Eastern Orthodox Christianity
a form of Christianity historically linked to eastern Europe and church leaders in Constantinople
a portion of a country's territory that lies outside of its contiguous land area
openness policy of Mikhail Gorbachev
Gulag Archipelago
a vast collection of political prisons in which inmates often disappeared
Iron Curtain
a group of soviet republics that separated western and eastern Europe
very large housing projects of the 70s and 80s in Russia
planned economic restructuring
a cold-climate condition of unstable seasonally frozen ground that limits the growth of vegetation
podzol soils
acidic soils that limit agricultural output
the Soviet policy of resettling Russians into non-Russian portions of the Soviet Union
Slavic people
a distinctive northern branch of the Indo-European language family
socialist realism
a style devoted to the realistic depiction of workers harnessing the forces of nature or struggling against capitalism
coniferous forest zone
Trans-Siberian Railroad
a key railroad corridor to the Pacific
authoritarian leaders who dominated politics during the pre-1917 Russian Empire