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the fragmented geopolitical processes involved with small scale independence movements and the phenonmenon of mini-nationalism as it develops along ethnic fault lines
buffer zone
an extensive bloc of satellite countries that would cushion the Soviet
cold war
divided the continent into two hostile, highly armed camps: Europe (US), and the Soviet Union
state ownership
continental climate
hot summers, cold winters
command economy
one that was centrally planned and controlled
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
linked eastern European aid and recovery to the centralized command economies of communism
countries who have the Euro
European Union
supranational organization of Europe
flooded valley inlets
guest worker
foreign workers in a different country
hierarchical diffusion
local people converting to a different religion because of the adoption of Christianity by a tribal leader or ruler
Iron Curtain
seperated eastern and western Soviet controlled Europe
state policies for reclaiming lost territory
Marine west coast climate
no winter months average below freezing
medieval landscape
narrow winding streets crowded with 3 or 4 story masonry buildings with little setback from the street
mediterranean climate
distinct dry season during the summer
glacial debris
diked agricultural settlements
transfer to private ownership of industries previously owned and run by state governments
Renaissance-Baroque landscape
spacious, with expansive ceremonial buildings and squares, monuments, ornamental gardens, and wide boulevards lined with elaborate residences
schengen agreement
gradual reduction of border formalities for travelers between EU countries
the widespread movement away from the historically prominent organized religions of Europe
shield landscape
rock formations, eroded by bedrock by pleistocene glaciers and still has thins soils