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agragarian reform
where peaseants demanded land redistribution
the treeless high plain of Peru and Bolivia
altitudinal zonation
the relationship between cooler temperatures at higher elevations and changes in vegetation
Central American Free Trade Agreement
newly formed group for free trade in central america
Columbian Exchange
an immense biological swap during the contact period between the old world and the new world
dependency theory
theory that says that expansion of European capitalism created the region's underdevelopment
a process by which a country adopts--in whole or in part--the US dollar as its official currency
El Nino
every decade or so, an abnormally large current arrives that produces torrential rains, signaling the arrival of this year
environmental lapse rate
declining temperatures as you increase elevation
Free Trade Area of the Americas
hemispheric trade for North, Central, and South America
conversion of tropical forest into pasture
informal sector
the economic sector that relies on self-employed, low-wage jobs that are virtually unregulated and untaxed
the entrenched practice of maintaining large estates is referred
cultural traits often ascribed to men
Mexican assembly plants that line the border with the US
cultural traits often ascribed to women
a very large city with a population of more than 10 million
the Southern Cone Common Market which includes Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay as full members and Bolivia and Chile as associate members and NAFTA
those people of mixed European and Indian ancestry
when peasants farm small plots for their subsistence
neoliberal policies
stresses privitization, export production, direct foreign investment, and few restrictions on imports
Organization of American States
where a more neutral Pan-American vision of American relations and hemisperic cooperation has held sway
monies sent back home
rural-to-urban migration
when peasants pour into the cities of Latin America
humid lowlands interspersed with upland plateaus
subnational organizations
groups that represent areas or people within the state
supranational organizations
governing bodies that include several states
syncretic religions
blends of different belief systems
the ability to straddle livelihoods between two countries
Treaty of Tordesillas
when the Pope split up the Atlantic world in half
urban primacy
a condition in which a country has a primate city three to four times larger than any other city in the country