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indigenous belief systems which generally focus worship on nature spirits and ancestors
Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN)
a group of 10 of the region's 11 countries to bring a new level of regional cooperation to the area
"sons of the soil" community
dried coconut meat
crony capitalism
where the President's many friends were granted huge sectors of the economy
domino theory
the notion that if Vietnam fell to communists then so would Laos and Cambodia then countries surrounding them would fall to communism as well
a city where goods are imported stored and then shipped
Golden Triangle
the mountainous area of northern Southeast Asia which is the world's second largest producer of opium
Khmer Rouge
a Cambodian guerrilla and rebel force and political opposition movement
lingua franca
common trade language
primate cities
single large urban settlements that overshadow all others
a Hindu epic that remains a central cultural feature in Muslim Java
shifted cultivators
rural migrants who are moved from one area to another through relocation schemes
Sunda Shelf
an extension of the continental shelf extending from the mainland through the Java Sea between Java and Borneo
where small plots of several acres of dense tropical forest or brush are periodically cut by hand, then the fallen debris is burned into the soil
tropical hurricanes that bring heavy rainfall
government assisting the relocation of people from one region to another with in its national territory