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lymphatic system
consists of lymph
thin, watery fluid composed of intercellular, or interstitial, fluid, which forms when plasma diffuses into tissue spaces
lymphatic vessels
located throughout the body in almost all of the tissues that have blood vessels
lymphatic capillaries
open ended lymph vessels act like drainpipes. pick up lymph at tissues throughout the body
specialized lymphatic capillaries loacated in the small intestine
lymph nodes
"glands" located all over the body
right lymphatic duct
short tube that recieves all the purified lymph from the right side of the head
thoracic duct
a much larger tube that drains the lymph from the rest of the body
cisterna chyli
in the thoracic duct in an enlarged pouchlike structure serves as a storage area
masses of lymphatic tissue that filter intersitial fluid
an organ located beneath the left side of the diaphragm and in back of the upper part of the stomach
mass of lymph tissue located in the center of the upper chest
inflammation or infection of the lymph nodes
hodgkin's disease
is a chronic, malignant disease of the lymph nodes
hodgkin's disease
is a chronic, malignant disease of the lymph nodes
is an enlargement of the spleen
is an inflammation or infection of the tonsils