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Budget expenses, such as clothing and entertainment, that can be adjusted as necessary.
variable expenses
A face-to-face discussion between the interviewer and applicant concerning a job.
job interview
Secretary's Commission on Acquiring Necessary Skills.
A summary that is submitted when applying for a job that includes information concerning a person's education, work history, and experience.
An approach to organizing the information you will need to present yourself at interviews for schools or employment; also known as a career passport.
career portfolio
The amount of pay received for hours worked after all deductions have been taken out; also known as net income.
take-home pay
The total amount of pay earned before deductions are taken out.
gross income
The amount of pay received for hours worked after all deductions have been taken out; also known as take-home pay.
net income
Forms or records completed when applying for a job.
application forms
Individuals who know the applicant and have agreed to provide information to a potential employer concerning the applicant.
Skills that make you a valuable employee and make it possible for you to maintain your employment.
job-keeping skills
An itemized list of income and expected expenditures for a period of time.
Budget items, such as rent and car payments, that must be met and usually do not change.
fixed expenses
Expenses, such as taxes, that are subtracted from gross earnings before a paycheck is written; also known as withholding.
A letter that supplies basic information and requests a job interview.
letter of application
Money that you have earned or that is available to you.