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The state of being unable to feel sensation, especially the sensation of pain.
Special pre-packaged disposable cleansing cloths that are used instead of basins of water for bed baths.
waterless bed bath
The removal of hair and cleansing of skin prior to an operation.
surgical shave
A rubber, metal, or other type of tube that is passed into a body cavity and used for injecting or removing fluids.
A device placed on a bed to keep the top bed linens from contacting the legs and feet.
bed cradle
Urine collected for examination by urinalysis.
urine specimen
Devices applied to hold dressings in place, provide support, apply pressure, or limit motion.
A special device used to collect urine. It consists of tubing and a collection container usually connected to a urinary catheter.
urinary-drainage unit
A cone-shaped, solid medication that is designed to melt at body temperature after insertion into the rectum.
Elastic or support hose used to support leg veins and increase circulation.
surgical (elastic) hose
To expel urine from the bladder.
To empty the bladder; urinate.
The formation of an opening on the abdominal wall for drainage of a ureter.
Positioning and supporting the body so that all body parts are in correct anatomical position.
A special urine test in which all urine produced within a 24-hour period is collected in a special container.
24-hour urine specimen
Feces that are collected for laboratory examination.
stool specimen
A pressure sore; also known as a bed sore or pressure ulcer.
cubitus ulcer
An artificial opening into the colon that allows for the evacuation of feces.
Insufficient amounts of fluid in the tissues.
An enema that is not expelled immediately and is administered to soften stools, aid in the elimination of intestinal parasites, or expel flatus. (Compare with nonretention enema.)
retention enema
The opening of an ostomy on the abdominal wall.
A bed that is made following the discharge of a patient.
closed bed
A tube inserted into the rectum to aid in the expulsion of flatus (gas).
rectal tube
The act of defecation, the evacuation of fecal matter from the bowel.
An injection of fluid through the rectum and into the large intestine.
The tightening or shortening of a muscle.
Swelling; excess amount of fluid in the tissues.
A bath in which all parts of a patient's body are bathed while the patient is confined to a bed.
complete bed bath (CBB)
Protective devices that limit or restrict movement.
Positioning the patient in a sitting position with his or her feet and legs over the side of the bed prior to ambulation.
A pressure sore; also known as a bed sore or decubitus ulcer.
pressure ulcer
An enema that is administered to clean the bowel of feces and flatus and is expelled within five to 10 minutes.
nonretention enema
Care of the mouth and teeth.
oral hygiene
Blood that is hidden or cannot be seen without magnification; also a test done on stool to check for the presence of blood.
occult blood
Special adhesive strips that are applied when dressings must be changed frequently at the surgical site.
Montgomery straps
Care of the body including bathing, hair and nail care, shaving, and oral hygiene.
personal hygiene
A urine specimen in which urination begins before catching the specimen in the specimen cup.
midstream specimen
A bed with the top sheets fanfolded to the bottom.
open bed
Special folding technique for the corners of bed linens that is used to secure the linens on the bed.
mitered corners
A bath given while the patient is in bed in which only certain body parts are bathed, or in which the health care provider bathes the parts of the body that the patient is unable to bathe.
partial bed bath
A bed that is made while the patient is in it.
occupied bed
Care given to the body immediately after death.
postmortem care
A mineral or olive oil enema that is administered to soften fecal material and is retained for at least 30 to 60 minutes.
oil retention enema
Care that is provided before surgery
preoperative care
A surgically created opening into a body part.
Folding in accordion pleats; done with bed linens.
To expel urine; to urinate.
Special devices used to move or transfer patients.
mechanical lifts
A large, hard mass of fecal material lodged in the intestine or rectum.
Gas that is expelled through the rectum.
A record that notes all fluids taken in or eliminated by a person in a given period of time.
intake and output (I&O)
A surgical opening connecting the ileum (small intestine) and the abdominal wall.