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what do diuretics do?
decrease blood volume, edema, venous pressure, afterload, cardiac dilation
adverse of loop diuretic
ototoxcity, dehydration, hypokalemia, hyper uric and glycemia
diu drug interactions
NSAIDs weaken effect and increases Li
biggest nsg task for diuretics
monitor weight, IOs
doses for Lasix and Thiazide HCTZ
Lasix- 20-80 PO 20-40 IV
HCTZ- 12-25
adverse for spiro
hyperkalemia, menstal problems, and impotence
when to take diu
8 and 2
high risk for diu
CVD, renal impairment, diabetes, gout, preg, dig, Li, NSAIDs,
oliguria value
25mL/ hour
signs of hypokalemia
irregular heartbeat, cramping, flaccid, thirst confusion,
what does dig do?
increases contractility by inhibiting NA/K ase which allows Ca to accumlate in myo cells. K competes with Dig
K blood levels
what happen when K is low or high?
K low= dig toxicity
K high= less theraputic effects of Dig
dig therapeutic effects for HF
fix dysrhy, reverse HF wrongs- HR decr, CO improves, dilates art and viens, blood volume decr, with edema and weight is lost.
dig therapeutic effects- neurohormone
suppresses renin, decreases sympathetic tone
how to manage dig dysrhythm
stop dig and K wasting diu, monitor K level, use antidysrhythmic, treat bardy, use digibind
non cardiac adverse for dig
anorexia, NV, fatique, halos, yellow, blured
dig drug interactions
diu, ACE, sympathomimetics, CCB- verpamil
dig dosing
loading dose, therapeutic blood levels are .5-2 and 2.5 toxic
first symptom of dig overdose are
GI- anorexia, NV
3 causes of dig induced dyrhy
hypokalemia, elevated dig levels, HF
people at risk for taking dig
v fib, v tachy
caution- AV block, hypokalemia, advanced HF, renal impairment
AA best treated with
diuretics and CCB
what electrolyte imbalances can be cause by diuretics?
hypo natremia, chloremia, h2o, kalemia
hyper glycemia, and uricemia
1 kg equal how much fluid
1 liter