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diuretics definition
agents which promote the secretion of urine
they work by either entering circulation and stimulating the kidneys or by indirectly influencing these organs through nervous system
helpful diuretics
Elder flowers
Juniper berries
Watermelon seed and fruit
Uva ursi leaves
Corn silk
Parsley root
Birch leaves

1/2 oz Horsetail
1/2 oz chickweed
1/2 oz Juniper berries
1/2 oz Comfrey root
1/2 oz Plantain leaves
1/2 oz Fennel seed
why order Gravel Root by its common name?
To avoid error trough similarity of common and botanical names
Eupatorium purpureum -Gravel Root
Eupatorium perfoliatum -Boneset
what do you know about Galium aparine -Cleavers, Sticky Willie
Soothing, relaxing diffusic diuretic.Influences the kidneys and bladder.
Good as poultice with linseed meal (scrofula, cancer, long standing ulcers)
solvent of stone in the bladder, scurvy
When would you use Buchu?
Buchu leaves will increase quantity and flow of urine, helpful for almost all affections of urinary tract- spermatorrhea,gravel, congestion of the prostate, catarrh of the blader with mucus discarges, helpful for aged people with urinary weakness
Rx for a female with uterine atony and renal congestion
1 oz Buchu leaves
1/2 oz Uva ursi
1/2 oz Parsley
1 1/2 oz Dandelion root
Give 4 tablespoons 4 times a day
diuretic useful in
Seminal weaknes
for those conditions is useful to use unriped fruit of Cubebs-Java peper(Piper cubeba)
juce of cleavers (sticky willie) is also good to use for Gonorrhea
use for Wild and Garden carrot
Wild carrot is useful as diuretic (and stimulant) in gravel, stricture or any obstruction of the urinary passages or bladder
remove coldness and flatulence
Garden carrot- stimulating application for sores, ulcers abscesses- grated and applied on the sore. It has a cleansing effect -continue with other healing agents after a while
diuretic -seeds only, used in dropsical conditions, useful in inflamed kidneys or bladder
soothing influence on the nerves
useful in scalding urine and mucus discharges from the bladder
seeds should be crushed and used in infucion or decoction
Juniper berries
influencing kidney and bladder they are prompt and pleasant diuretic
used with other remedies they have place in treatment of rheumatism, sciatica and lumbago -do not use in acute inflamation
Buchu leaves
short leaves recommended
strong cold infusion will increase flow of urine
warm infusion is gently diaphoretic and soothes the nerves
Uva Ursi
specially influences mucous membranes of the genito-urinary organs- almost specific for ulceration of kidneys and bladder