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sets structural standards for central piping systems
National Fire protection agency
1) provides standards for high pressure connections between large compressed gas cylinders
2)thread diameter, handedness of threads, external of internal threading determine a given connection
1) for cylindern sizes up through and including "E"
2)yoke type connection
3)six different pin positions--each gas uses a different combination of two of the six
1) Low pressure safety system (less than 200 psig)
2)Thread dimensiobns are varied
3) ex--inlets of blenders, flowmeters, ventilators
1)Many different manufacturers of these system. Each is unique, and thus they are not compatible with each other
2)Each gas has a different shaped connector
3)Also called quick connect
regulates both flow and pressure
Bourdon gauge
-outlet is of a fixed orifice size, so this device requires an adjustable pressure reducer
2)reads flow but measures pressure
Thorpe flowmeters
1)Always attached to a 50 psig source
2)outlet size is adjustable
3)truly measures flow
4)compensated will read accurately in the event of a downstream obstruction
Large air compressors
1)has cooler to dry out the air
2)pressure has to be regulated down to 50 psig
combine 50 psis of air and 50 psis of oxygen