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Dissociative Identity Disorder
A. The presence of 2 or more distinct personalities
B. At least 2 of these personalities recurrently take control over behavior
C. Inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explain. by forgetfulness
D. Rule out substance use or GMC
Dissociative Amnesia
A. One or more episodes of inability to recall important personal information, usually of a traumatic or stressful nature that is too extensive to be explain. by forgetfulness
B. Rule out substance use, GMC, other disorder
C. Causes clinicallu significant distress or impairment
Dissociative Amnesia, Specifiers
Localized: specific period of time (most common)
Selective: forgets some events but not all (rare)
Systematized: amnesia for only specific aspects of ones life
Continuous/ongoing: remember up to an event, but not after
Generalized: amnesia for life
Dissociative Fugue
A. Sudden, unexpected travel away from home or work, with an inability to recall ones past
B. Confusion abotu personal identity or assumption of a new identity
C. Does not occur exclusively during DID, not due to substance use, or a GMC
D. Symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment
Depersonalization Disorder
a. recurrent experiences of feeling detached from and as if one is an outside observer of ones own mental processes or body
B. Reality testing remains intact
C. Clinically sign distress or impairment
D. R/O other disorder, substance use, GMC