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saran-wrap like layer of spinal cord
body of a vertebra
big bulky disk portion
cauda equina
dorsal/ventral nerve roots, splits off from spinal cord at L2
cervical and lumbar enlargements of the spinal cord
thicker because these are the areas where nerve roots leave to innervate upper and lower extremities
cervical vertebra
c1-c7: characterised by
1. small body
2. articular processes in horitzonal plane
3. foramen in each transverse process
conus medularris
where spinal cord ends and splits into dorsal and ventral nerve roots near L2
denticulate ligament
pia matter, anchors spinal cord to dura matter
separates dorsal roots from ventral roots
dorsal ramus
goes to posterior side of body
dorsal roots
dorsal root ganglion
cluster of nerve cell bodies in peripheral NS for sensory
dura matter
"tough mother" external protective layer on spinal cord, made from?