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Yancey found that petty disappointments tend to accumulate over time, undermining faith. But most often one is more prepared to for a major crisis. (T-F)
What one thinks about God or believes about God matters little in every day small decisions. (T-F)
The man (student) who lost his faith was named:
A. Bob B. Ron C. Richard D. Don E. Mark
C. Richard
The student who struggled with God: A Cursed God B. Burned his books C. Threatened Yancey
B. Burned his books
The student declared that "God did not come through for me or Job." (T-F)
Yancey developed three major questions about God. Which was not one of them?
A. Is got unfair? B. Is God weak? C. Is God silent D. Is God hidden?
B. Is God Weak?
Yancey said "true atheists" do feel disappointed in God. (t-f)
Yancey held that the Old testament writers held up the covenant as a model but only proved that the human beings were incapable of fulfilling a contract with God. (T-F)
Yancey admits that God did play "hide-and-seek" with the Israelites; He held back proof of His existence. (T-F)
Yancey "holed" up in a Colorado cabin to think for: A. Two days B. Two weeks C. Two months
B. Two weeks
Yancey found that God let human beings affect him: a. A little b. some c. sometimes d. A lot
D. A lot
Yancey found that he was to self-absorbed to see God's feelings in the Bible. (T-F)
God most wants:
A. Obedience B. Wisdom C. Righteousness D. Justice E. Love
E. Love
Yancey quotes an Anthropologist named Eiseley who says that at the heart of the universe is:
A. Massive Power B. Law and Order C. Omnipotence D. A Smile E. A sob
D. A Smile
God's risk is: A. Sin B. Mankind C. Power D. Satan E. Time
B. Mankind
According to Yancey, God was "alarmed" when Adam and Even broke the relationship. (T-F)
Yancey notes that God made a covenant with Noah that brought limits on Himself. (T-F)
The historical account of Abraham shows that God wanted: A. Obedience B. Love C. Faith
According to Douglas John Hall, God's problem is: A. His Love B. Man C. Justice D. Covenant
A. His Love
The closer God drew to His people, the more they felt: A. Pressure B. Distant C. Harmed
B. Distant
Yancey sees value in God's hiddenness. (T-F)
Yancey quotes Oscar Wilde as saying there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want and the other is: A. Having no options B. Being abandoned C. Getting what you want.
C. Getting what you want.
Solomon's story is in the Bible to show God's faithfulness and material blessing to His own. (T-F)
Yancey saw the Old Testament Prophets dealing with questions and unfairness, silence and hiddenness of God. (T-F)
Yance saw the words of the Prophets to be like: A. Prophetic judgement B. A Newspaper headline C. A Lover's quarrel D. A Roadmap E. None of these.
C. A lovers' quarrel.
The Prophets are plain about the fact that the world will end in universal war and final defeat. (T-F)
Yancey saw "Christmas" as a time when God became very vulnerable. (T-F)
God "holds back" because he wants: A. Humans to think. B. He wants to win mankind with out use of power. C. To show independence D. His Holiness to be seen.
B. He wants to win mankind with out use of power.
The difference that Jesus' coming made was: A. To show God's power B. To show God's plan C. To show God's patience. D. To make possible an intimacy with God. E. To show prophecy is true.
D. To make possible an intimacy with God
Because of Jesus, one has no need to wonder how God feels or what He is like. (T-F)
Yancey said that Christ coming allowed God to learn what it feels like to be human. (T-F)
Yancey noted three scenes in chapter 18: the sending of the 70, the Last supper, and teh Ascension. The point of these scenes primarily was to : A. Show the need for evangelism B. To confirm the truth of scripture. C. Establish a church and dwelling place for the Spirit. D. To make an impression that He is not hidden.
C. Establish a church and dwelling place for the Spirit.
God can be seen today because of the continued existence of the temple mount in Jerusalem. (T-F)
In Chapter 21, Yancey posed a question that he answered over the remainder of the book. The question was: A. Why does God stay hidden? B. Why is it so easy to feel God is unfair? C. What do we have a right to expect from God? D. Where is God when it hurts?
C. What do we have a right to expect from God?
Favorite Quote
Faith means believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.